"As you can imagine, none of us, including you, want to compromise the direction the investigation is going at this time,"

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy gave a press conference on Dec. 7 about dropping charges on DeAngelo Davis, who was previously charged and arraigned for the shooting of Sgt. Collin Rose. 

Worthy, who was accompanied by Detroit Police Department Chief James Craig and Wayne State University Police Department Chief Anthony Holt said Davis "is no longer a suspect at this time."

"We all remain deeply committed, making sure justice is done in this case [and] the perpetrator for the killing of Officer Rose is brought to justice," she said.

According to a press release from Worthy's office, the charges of first degree murder, felony firearm and felon in possession of a firearm will be dismissed on Dec. 7, and Davis will be released from custody.

"The Homicide Task Force, comprised of the Detroit Police Department and the Michigan State Police, continues to aggressively commit their time and resources to investigate the death of Sgt. Rose," she said in the release.

Worthy did not take any questions from press.

"As you can imagine, none of us, including you, want to compromise the direction the investigation is going at this time," she said.

"For this reason, we are not at liberty to provide further details about the dismissed case and the ongoing investigation."

Chief Holt said there has been a round-the-clock tremendous effort by the Detroit Homicide task force, as well as community support along with the university campus, which "remains very safe." 

"I am confident that the correct suspect will be brought to justice," he said.

Chief Craig said the investigation continued after the initial arrest of Davis, and continues to this day. 

"We are optimistic and we are continuing to ask for the public's help," he said.

Chief Craig also said the Detroit division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Detroit Dog Rescue both added a $5,000 reward, bringing the total reward amount to $15,000 for any further information about the shooting.

The Detroit Police Department is taking calls for any tips or information at 1-888-283-8477.

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