The complex will consist of 841 beds of housing and approximately 26,500 square feet of retail space on the first level of each of the three towers, according to BOG documents.

On June 22, Wayne State’s Board of Governors authorized leases for Tubby’s, Coney Island and 1,000 Degrees Pizza. The restaurants will be located on the first floor of the newly constructed Anthony Wayne Drive Apartment complex.

The complex will consist of 841 beds and approximately 26,500 square feet of retail space on the first level of each of the three towers, according to BOG documents.

1,735 square feet of the first floor of the south tower are to be allotted for Tubby’s, 3,775 square feet for Coney Island and 2,146 square feet of the first floor of the center tower for 1,000 Degrees Pizza.

1,000 Degrees Pizza is estimated to open in fall 2018; Tubby’s and Coney Island have an anticipated retail opening for fall 2019.

With the opening of these restaurants, WSU will have three sub shops, four pizza places and four Coney Islands all in a one-mile radius. 

Along with the approval of new restaurants, the BOG capped the Campus Master Plan budget at $1.5 million. The Campus Master Plan will include an analysis and evaluation of how to best utilize space at WSU and will provide ways to include the surrounding community.

The analysis will determine whether certain spaces — such as buildings, athletic fields and parking spaces — need to be changed or renovated.

Some board members were unsatisfied about the $1.5 million cap.

“We will invest much more than $1 million to this project because we’re investing our staff’s time,” said Governor Marilyn Kelly.

The Board also approved the relocation of multiple computer labs from the Science and Engineering Library to Prentis Hall. The plan will require 16 office spaces in Prentis to be renovated and will cost an estimated $2.4 million.

William Decatur, vice president for finance and business operations, said the Prentis building requires intense renovations that are costly, but necessary.

The funds for this project will come from a 2018 bond series and the Deferred Maintenance fund.

The relocation of classrooms will create three math labs and two science labs. This plan will ensure new labs, classrooms and bathrooms are up to the Americans with Disabilities Act standards, said Ashley Flintoff, director of Planning and Space Management at WSU.

The June 22 meeting was the final gathering of the BOG for the 2017-2018 school year. Its next meeting will be held on Sept. 21.

Slone Terranella is arts and entertainment editor of The South End. She can be reached at

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