“We will still be in Oakland county, but we won’t have what I call a free-standing Oakland Center.”
Jordan Works

Wayne State's Oakland Center will close and be put up for sale by January 2018.

Carol Baldwin, WSU’s marketing communication coordinator of Educational Outreach and International Programs, said the satellite campus has been around for more than 20 years in Farmington Hills, Michigan and was created for the convenience of students.  

The campus is closing due to partnership investments with community colleges such as Schoolcraft Community College and, soon to be partner, Oakland Community College, Baldwin said.

“We find having a presence on these campuses is more convenient than the 20 years age of the building,” said Baldwin.  “We are expanding our relationships.”

Baldwin said WSU leadership is aware of the decision and the EOIP department is currently working on informing students. Students will be fully informed of the changes with the Oakland Center by the beginning of fall 2018. 

WSU will be working with their partners at Oakland Community College to offer the same courses that are currently available to students, Baldwin said.

“Students will have the same conveniences they had at Oakland,” she said.

Baldwin said WSU will not be building a new Oakland Center, instead WSU is working with OCC partners to stay in Oakland and have more courses offered in a closer location, such as Schoolcraft Community College.

“We will still be in Oakland county, but we won’t have what I call a free-standing Oakland Center,” she said. “We will be consolidation and providing the same services just in a different place.”

“Students who like being in Oakland county will still have options, but no we will not be constructing anything new.”

Baldwin said other satellite campuses will not be closing and current courses will remain available to student during the Fall 2018 semester.  

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Yes, it should be convenient for students and this is important. And this is normal. Now it's time to inform everyone. I think for students it's always important to get to campuses quickly. When I was studying I lived in an apartment that mattered, since I was spending some time on the road. In addition, if you work and you don't have enough time for secondary subjects, then sometimes it makes sense to apply to experts for help since this is also time.

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