Located in Detroit’s Central Business District just off Woodward Avenue, D:hive hopes to connect people with information, tools and resources that are provided in the city.

“D:hive is a place to seek out information and services to those who are looking for jobs and places to live,” said  D:hive ambassador Andrey Douthard.

 According to their website, D:hive is run by a staff of Detroit residents who work to give insight on living, working and getting involved in Detroit. In addition, they offer a variety of tours and activities to get people acquainted with the city.

One of D:hive’s most popular activities is the Detroit Experience Factory tour. This tour takes participants to some of Detroit’s historical landmarks while sharing information about local restaurants or grocery stores.

“Because of Detroit’s reputation, we try to shed the light on Detroit and show people that there are many opportunities and activities that  go on,” said Douthard.

Along with tours, the D:hive also created a program that connects Michigan’s college graduates to new opportunities in Detroit.   The “Live. Work. Detroit” program is meant to promote the city as a post-graduation talent destination.

Live.Work.Detroit recruits college students as ambassadors to return to their respective campuses and spread the word about the Motor City and Live.Work.Detroit events.

“After hearing about D:hive, I find it interesting and cool to know that there is a program that helps students, as well as people who are foreign to Detroit, to get to know the city and see new things,” said WSU Sophomore Kevin Miller. “I did not know much about the D:hive, but after hearing about it I would love to check it out.”.

D:hive also offers classes to help innovative entrepreneurs start their own business. This program, known as the Build Institute, is a network of programs that assists people in turning their project or business idea into reality. According to D:hive, 400 entrepreneurs from their classes have graduated and started businesses in the city.

The D:hive is a great resource for WSU students. This program can connect employers with graduates; help innovated students start their own business, find apartments near campus and just find things to do downtown.

“I believe this program can help WSU students open many doors, helping students find jobs toward their major and making connections with employers,” said WSU Junior Willie Boykins. 


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