“You saw the promises that were made to millennials being broken.”

Wayne State graduate Donald Stuckey II announced his candidacy for the Michigan House of Representatives District Nine in a press release which came out on Jan. 5. 

“I knew I wanted to run, but I didn’t think it would be this soon,” Stuckey said.

However, he could not allow the problems in his district to be prolonged any more, he said.

“In 2017, you [saw] a lot of things taking place,” he said. “You saw the promises that were made to millennials being broken.”

Stuckey said he wants to help represent those who live in “the gap” in his district.

“The gap I refer to is the separation of the American Dream, and those who are still trying to get there,” he said. “The gap grows bigger every day.”

Stuckey campaigns for improving the education in public schools, the ending of discrimination in insurance practices and the reduction of environmental issues in his community.

“I’ve been around politics for a long time. I’ve just never been on the inside, and I want to make a difference,” he said.

“I wasn’t surprised when he decided to run, he’s been pursuing this for a while,” said Stuckey’s mother and campaign manager. “He’s a man of character and has a heart for the community, he’s dedicated and understands what being a public servant means.”

Stuckey is a board member of the Transportation Riders United group, which is an organization that advocates for better public transportation in southeast Michigan. He currently works at Dearborn High School as a special education paraprofessional. Stuckey has received the Silver Congressional Award and the Spirit of Detroit Award.

“He’s not a typical polished politician,” said Ms. Stuckey. “He knows the area and the issues it has.”

“Donald has always been politically savvy,” said John Adams, a friend and supporter of Stuckey’s campaign. “He helps make people aware.”

“He has been touched by the politics in the community on a personal level like with the issues of public transportation,” Adams said. “That is what makes him different from other candidates.”

Stuckey graduated from WSU in 2016 with a masters degree in dispute resolution.

The professionalism of everyone in the program and the dynamic discussions are some of the things Stuckey said he enjoyed about his experience at WSU.

“I remember when Officer Collin Rose made a presentation on police violence and being able to talk to him after about how to interact with the police,” Stuckey said. “I remember being upset to hear about his passing.”

“[WSU] has great resources in its libraries and I plan on using those sources for shaping public policy,” he said. “The resources at the school can help shape public policy in this city.”

The focus of the campaign right now is to get people to donate and get his name out there, said Ms. Stuckey.

“He’s running to win,” she said. “We have to start from scratch since he does not have much name recognition.”

Stuckey said he has been going into the community to spread the word on his campaign and his stances on community issues.

“We drove through the ‘forgotten areas of the ninth district’ and even places I have never been to before to engage the community,” he said.

“Even if he doesn’t win I want him to be proud of himself for doing this,” said Ms. Stuckey. “He’s been through a lot in his life and I want him to know it’s great to make it this far especially with the obstacles he’s had.”

To learn more about his campaign or to donate, visit www.votestuckey.com.

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