The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action Integration Immigrant Rights and the fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary, Students Organize 4 Syria, Amnesty International and Students for Justice in Palestine held an emergency protest rally outside the David Adamany Undergraduate Library in Gullen Mall on Jan. 30.

SOS member Ananda Fujali said the rally was in response to reports of travelers being detained in numerous airports around the nation as a result of President Donald Trump’s executive order, which blocks incoming people from allegedly “terror prone” nations from arriving in the United States.

“As soon as I heard that the order was being put into effect, I felt sick to my stomach,” Fujali said. “Trump wants us to believe it’s not a Muslim ban, but we all know the truth. I’m here to let people know that I will never agree to that.”

Members of all four groups delivered speeches and announcements to the gathered crowd.

“Our growing movement here at Wayne State is marching and fighting to make this campus a sanctuary for all immigrants, and we demand that Detroit reaffirm and declare itself a sanctuary city,” BAMN leader and organizer David Douglass said. 

Douglass outlined the demands of BAMN. Among them were protection of sanctuary cities and campuses, and the defense of the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade.

Protestors met in front of the UGL and then marched around the WSU campus.

“The cold doesn’t even bother me when the issue is this important,” WSU student Nikki Kreegan said. “We can accomplish this, but only if we do it together. We can’t allow people to be jailed just for wanting to come here.”

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77 Alum

My Gen marched against the war in Vietnam, and before that for racial equality. I am glad that students today have an opportunity to understand the beauty and the truth and the ugliness and the fragility of democracy and the ideals embodied in the U.S. constitution. My heart sinks when I see University students complaining about the cafeteria contract or the weather... you are not in a military uniform, your battlefield for democracy is in the sphere of educated and informed exchange and in political action. I will see you ALL downtown on Sat. Feb 3 hopefully.

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