The International Youth and Students for Social Equality and the Socialist Equality Party will host “Socialism vs. Capitalism & War,” a socialist anti-war conference on Nov. 5 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in General Lectures. 

Main speakers include SEP presidential candidate Jerry White, SEP vice presidential candidate Niles Neimuth, SEP candidate for West Virginia House of Delegates Naomi Spencer, IYSSE Nation Secretary Andre Damon, SEP Nation Secretary Joe Kishore and other leading members of the SEP and IYSSE, according to the conference website.

Neimuth said students should attend the conference because of the danger of conflict between countries around the world.

“The conference is open to the public, [and] we encourage all workers and students interested in taking up the fight against war to attend,” he said. “The SEP is fighting to build a movement of millions of people in the U.S. and all around the world that will stand up to put an end to the current wars being waged by American imperialism and block the plans for a much larger conflict. Building an international anti-war movement will only [be] possible on an anti-capitalist and socialist basis.” 

White said young people are facing an extremely difficult situation with student loan debt, the difficulty of finding jobs and the face of war in their future.

He said the socialism anti-war conference is very critical because the SEP and IYSSE is behind the backs of the American people, and the people in the world the American corporate and political establishment have made an expansion of violence after this election.

“Our movement will provide a leadership for all ethnicities and people to fight capitalism,” White said. 

“Our conference is important in laying out the present situation, alerting the population to the expansion of war and building the foundation for an anti-war movement. Such a movement in our view must be based on the working class. The masses of working people have no interest in wars that are driven by the powerful corporations.”

Osman Sufi, president of IYSSE and a computer science and psychology major, said regardless of which of the two major presidential candidates wins the election, none of the basic questions facing the working class, youth and students will be resolved. 

“Both candidates would continue and deepen the policies of austerity, repression and war, which are the legacy of the preceding presidential administrations,” he said. “In response to the war planning of the ruling class, a new anti-war movement must be built - but it must be built on a different basis than anti-war movements of the past.”

Sufi said the IYSSE seeks to raise the political consciousness of youth and students by discussing and working through politics with the Marxist method of analysis.

“Our goal, ultimately, is to organize young people to fight against capitalism and [fight] for socialism. The IYSSE places great importance on the study of history and, in particular, learning the lessons of the experiences of the 20th century,” he said. 

Sufi said the IYSSE meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Hilberry D to discuss ongoing political developments and to work through various questions of political theory and of history. For more information, email the organization at

“It is critical that students and workers attend the conference on November 5 to lay the foundations for a mass international anti-war movement, which can only be done on the basis of opposing the capitalist system and taking up the fight for socialism,” Neimuth said.

For more information on the upcoming socialist anti-war conference, visit

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