“At Wayne State University, we value free speech and expression, but behavior that compromises the safety of the campus community is unacceptable,”

Editor's note: this story will be updated regularly as the university releases more information on the topic. 

The Wayne State community is alarmed after a student pulled out a knife at organizers of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigration Rights and Fight for Equality by Any Means Necessary, a student organization also known as BAMN, on Feb. 13 in State Hall.

The student also said he thinks the United States should “deport and kill all illegals” in a video taken by BAMN.

No one was injured in the incident.

Kate Stenbig, a BAMN organizer, said this was the third time the student came up to their table yelling disparaging statements in the past few weeks.

Some statements include "build a wall" and "kill all illegals," Stenbig said.

"We wanted to be prepared to take his pictured this time," she said. "Incidents like these are happening all over and people on campus should be aware."

Stenbig said the campus community needs is to build a strong movement to protect immigrant rights and fight against racism.

WSU is a very diverse campus, which is why incidents like this should not be tolerated, she said.

"He should not feel like he can do that," she said. "Wayne State had some of the biggest marches against Trump and his rhetoric. I think we need that again to protect the community." 

In an email to the WSU community, BAMN said this does not “belong on our campus or in our city.”

“As we continue to build the new civil rights/immigrant rights movement on this campus and around the country, we will not be deterred by the racist, white supremacist, immigrant bashing, alt-right neo-Nazis who have been emboldened by Trump. We fight to win!” 

The university said the WSU Police Department is aware of the incident and has identified and talked with the student. The student has been suspended from the university on an interim basis pending a full investigation. 

"Anyone who witnesses this type of inappropriate behavior is encouraged to immediately contact our police department,” said Matt Lockwood, WSU’s Director of Communications. "In this instance, no one called the police."

Stenbig said BAMN's lawyer will follow an official police report of the incident.  

“At Wayne State University, we value free speech and expression, but behavior that compromises the safety of the campus community is unacceptable,” Lockwood said. “Having a knife on campus is a violation of our workplace violence policy.”

"Diversity and inclusion are not only core values of our university but strategic focus areas of our strategic plan. President Wilson has been vocal that incidents such as this are unacceptable."

In an email sent out to WSU faculty, students and staff, President M. Roy Wilson said WSU remains steadfast in its commitment to building an inclusive campus community where intolerance is not tolerated.

"While we encourage respectful dialogue and sometimes passionate debate about differing views and perspectives, there is no place for violence or threats of violence at Wayne State," Wilson said in the email.  

For more information, visit the BAMN Facebook page

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