President Gjorge Ivanov, of Macedonia, visited Wayne State on Sept. 21 to give a lecture titled “Birth of a New World: Challenges & Opportunities for Generations Y, Z, and Alpha.”

The event, hosted by the Office of International Programs and the Macedonian American Student Association, was held in the Spencer M. Partrich Auditorium.

Ahmad Ezzeddine, the associate vice president for educational outreach and international programs, introduced the president. 

“Detroit is the first place where Macedonian immigrants settled in the United States more than 100 years ago,” said Ezzeddine. “Dr. Ivanov’s presence brings the world to (WSU’s) campus.”

Ivanov delivered the lecture in Macedonian and was translated in English by an interpreter. The lecture focused on various generations like the veterans’ generation, baby boomers, generations x, y and z. 

When referencing America’s Founding Fathers and many philosophers, Ivanov spoke about the 2008 economy crash and its effects on generations. 

“After 2008, children lived in worst conditions than their parents,” he said. “They didn’t have the same opportunities as their parents.”

Ivanov talked about how the newer generations, generations y, z, and alpha, are creating scientific discoveries and innovative ideas that are moving the world forward.

“Capitalism is self-destructing,” Ivanov said. “What used to be science fiction is now fantastic science.” 

Ivanov ended his lecture by mentioning how in past generations, men have been the leaders, and said “now is the time for women to save the world.”

“The hypothesis that we are living in a new world, I believe, is true,” said Ivanov. “I encourage young people to embrace it.”

Alexander Clegg, a sophomore Polish studies student, said he attended the lecture because he was interested in listening to the president speak.

“I was interested to hear what a Slavic leader had to say,” said Clegg. “[I wanted to] get an eastern European perspective on this concept of a ‘new generation.’” 

After the lecture, Ezzeddine gifted Ivanov with a seal of the university.

Amal Rass is features editor of The South End. She can be reached at

Cover photo by Amal Rass.

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