Student Senate passed an Open Educational Resources resolution for Wayne State courses on Nov. 15. 

Bilal Hammoud, a senator at large, presented a resolution in support of instituting the resolution on campus. The resolution attempts to combat escalating textbook prices by encouraging academic faculty to use free, public sources to supplement their courses.

"The purpose of this resolution is to serve as the starting point for faculty to start utilizing public domains as sources for free books in their courses," Hammoud said. 

The resolution was passed with a unanimous vote. 

"This resolution would be extremely beneficial for 1000 or 2000-level general education or beginner major courses, such as PS1010, because the majority of students have to take the class anyway," said Hammoud. "For such a basic level course, I personally believe you should not invest in the book if history has not changed since the late 1700s." 

Hammoud said that the resolution took weeks of tireless effort with the aid of Veronica Bielat, a librarian at the Purdy-Kresge Library.

"I'm extremely happy that the resolution got passed tonight because it is the starting point to a positive, significant lifestyle and financial change for students," said Stuart Baum, president of Student Senate. "If the promise of this resolution is successful from not just one but multiple stakeholders, then I do believe that the positive effect of this will be inspirational." 

In addition to the Open Educational Resources resolution, Ashley Flintoff, director of Planning and Space Management at WSU, spoke to the Senate regarding the implementation of the Campus Master Plan in 2020. 

"Students can aid in the implementation of the Campus Master Plan by using CoMap, a survey software developed by Dumont Janks, that anonymously records how students view campus today,” Flintoff said. 

With this interactive survey, students are able to use the map feature to determine which parts of campus are considered safe or unsafe and the easiest routes to take from place to place. 

"I truly believe that the results of these surveys will truly reflect the needs of (WSU’s) campus because they are coming from the students, who experience firsthand what our institution does and does not require," Baum said. 

Dean of Students David Strauss said he was proud of Senate members for their tireless efforts. 

"These individuals continue to impress me with everything they do to improve (WSU) and I couldn't be more proud to witness our institution's growth for the future," Strauss said. 

For more information about the implementation of the Campus Master Plan, there is a kickoff event on Dec. 5 at 6 at the Integrated Biosciences Center.

Cover photo by Malak Silmi from the Sep. 20 Student Senate meeting.

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