“Canvas is a much easier way to access all of the information for classes,”

Wayne State announced has begun implementing Canvas. Courses from the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts, the School of Information Sciences, the School of Social Work, the School of Business and the Irvin D. Reid Honors College have been administered through Canvas during the winter semester.

By fall 2018, WSU is scheduled to be completely off of Blackboard, its previous platform. The university said this new learning management system is easier to access and navigate in comparison to Blackboard.

“Canvas is a much easier way to access all of the information for classes,” said Ryan Katluski, an accounting and finance student. “I haven’t been using Canvas for that long but so far it’s much easier for me.”

“My communications class switched to Canvas, and I like it a lot actually,” said Jayda Cardona, a physical therapy student. “It helps with knowing the due dates and what there is to do more effectively than Blackboard.”

Canvas is available through the app store for both Android and iPhone users.

“It sends me notifications to let me know when my assignments are due,” she said. “It’ll be easy to adapt to.”

Lizette Galvan, who is also studying physical therapy, said she likes that the school switched to Canvas.

“It’s a lot easier to get the hang of it compared to Blackboard since Blackboard was a bit confusing,” she said.

“I believe it to be a smart decision in the long run,” said Katulski “It’s better for future students because of how easy the setup of the site is, and better for future students who will just know about Canvas.”

Cardona and Galvan say they look forward to the school making the switch officially by fall 2018.

“I think it will be easy to adapt to,” Cardona said.

Despite reviews praising Canvas’ user-friendly interface and advanced communication tools, having to manage classes on both Blackboard and Canvas has incited frustration.

“I have my news reporting class on Canvas and honestly it’s confusing,” said journalism student Yaritza Espinoza. “Even my professor says he doesn’t understand why we had the change and why only some classes are on Blackboard and some on Canvas.”

Espinoza said that she is getting the hang of the website for now, but since she only has one class on Canvas right now, it’s difficult to get used to.

”It has been alright so far but kind of an annoying [and] unnecessary thing when all of my classes are scattered,” she said.

Canvas has similar features to that of Blackboard, but there are a few different features according to WSU. Some of those features include SpeedGrader, Commons and Attendance. These features allow for teachers and students to interact and get in contact quickly through the website.

According to WSU, Blackboard will be turned off by summer 2018.

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