"Together, we have the ability to change our campus for the better,"

Students for a Democratic Society - Detroit organized a rally to defend transgender students' rights on March 2. 

In addition to male and female restrooms, SDS demanded the university to install gender neutral restrooms in every building on campus. 

Currently, Wayne State has gender neutral restrooms in over 50 locations on campus, including parking structures and residential halls, according to the campus map. 

According to the event page for the rally, SDS said WSU has put a five-year plan in place to implement gender neutral restrooms in every building. However, they feel that five years is too long of a wait for non-binary students.

"All sorts of gender identities exist," the description said. "The bathrooms at WSU should reflect this, instead of forcing students to choose between the gender binary."

SDS said the demand is as simple as changing a sign. However, they said since the LGBT community is currently under attack by the Trump administrations and other institutions, the restrooms represent support and acceptance from the student body.

"Together, we have the ability to change our campus for the better," they said.

"Together, we have the ability to change our campus for the better,"

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