On Dec. 7, Provost Keith Whitfield hosted an undergraduate research faculty mentor appreciation for faculty who mentor and support undergraduate students in research and creative projects.

During his speech, he said the research program is something that brought the provost to the university.

“This is one of the programs that actually brought me to Wayne State,” Whitfield said. “When I look at this university, I was actually looking for these kinds of programs, to see if we had the kinds transformative experiences to help our students.”

Whitfield said the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program is a program that invites all students to participate in undergraduate research.

Undergraduate research puts theory into action and allows students to work on projects while being mentored by full-time faculty.

The provost went on to say how important the faculty and staff was in the lives of the students.

He said, “The idea that faculty actually takes time out of their schedule, and makes sure that they are actually sharing knowledge with students is truly what the job is about.”

He went on to thank the faculty for all their hard work and dedication.  

Many professors shared their gratitude about the reception.

“Undergraduate research is very important and it is nice to recognize,” German Professor Lisa Hock said.

Hock said her students often go to Germany and conduct their own research. When the students come back to the university, she helps them put those projects together.

Mary Rodgers, a chemistry professor at the university, said the reception gave her a chance to meet him face to face.

“I actually only knew of the provost verbally, so I appreciate these kinds of activities,” Rodgers said.

She said she was also very grateful to be able to spend time with her colleagues and have the opportunity to address them in person without having to find them in their office.

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