Overall, the candidates had a strong showing in communicating their messages with potential voters.

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders participated in a Fox News Town Hall event at the Gem Theatre in Detroit on March 7.

Chief political anchor Bret Baier hosted the hour-long program which gave Clinton and Sanders time to field questions from both Baier and viewers, selected in advance.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders went first and elicited passionate responses from attendees throughout his appearance.

Sanders elaborated on his pro-choice views when prompted by Baier, stating he believes aborting a pregnancy should be decided between a woman and her physician. Sanders also reiterated his plans to implement universal healthcare through Medicare For All and tuition-free public college through a Wall Street speculation tax.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed her strategy in Libya before once again addressing the subject of her email server in a multi-set question from Baier. Clinton reviewed the matter in its full context before explaining the retroactive classification process that government documents undergo before they are released to the public.

While Clinton was fielding questions from viewers about such topics as compromise, expanding the Affordable Care Act and the effects of the 1994 crime bill (under Bill Clinton’s presidency), one audience member shouted for Clinton to elaborate on her debt-free college plan. Clinton obliged and responded by succinctly outlining the proposal.

Clinton and Sanders refrained from attacking each other during the event, but they made sure to highlight their differences. Overall, the candidates had a strong showing in communicating their messages with potential voters.

The Michigan primary is Tuesday, March 8. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to  p.m.

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