“Our greatest responsibility today is to the community we share,”
Ryan Miller

Wayne State University’s president announced on Jan. 26 the start of new volunteer initiative in honor of the school’s 150-year birthday at the Sesquicentennial Celebration Kickoff.

President M. Roy Wilson also discussed the state of the university, the history and how far WSU has come as an institution.

“A 150-year birthday gives us the opportunity to assess where we have been and where we are,” said Wilson.

Wilson challenged the WSU community to put forth 150,000 hours of community service in 2018, he said it is an ambitious goal.

“Our greatest responsibility today is to the community we share,” said Wilson. “Let us seize the opportunity with pride.”

Wilson announced a partnership with the nonprofit Life Remodeled to help the university achieve the new goal.

Life Remodeled assists in helping Detroit communities by remodeling community assets, repairing homes and mobilizing volunteers to beautify the city by helping transform and rehabilitate communities.  

Wilson said he hopes to see hundreds of WSU volunteers at the Life Remodeled partner event on Saturday, April 7.

“The place where [WSU] stands today was on the north side of Detroit. It certainly wasn’t Midtown,” commenting on the area WSU was located at the time and how much the city has evolved around it.

An email will be sent on Jan. 29 to students and staff discussing how you can get involved, track your goals, along with more information.

This initiative promotes solidarity, the unification of the student body and brings everyone together in celebration said Amanda Washington, who is an undecided major attending WSU next semester.

Enrollment continues to be strong to the point where a demand for on-campus housing has resulted in the construction of the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments, said Wilson.

“We do what we do to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed,” said Wilson pointing out that African American graduation rates have doubled from a few years ago.

Notable alumni were also honored at the sesquicentennial event with Dr. Wei-Zen Wei, George Shirley, Paul Karchin, and Robert Harr all in attendance.

“We have made it to our 150th birthday because of this great group of achievers,” said Board of Governors Chair Sandra Hughes O’Brien.

“My choice in joining Wayne State University is one in which I am profoundly grateful,” said Wilson.

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