“Student health leads to more student success,”

The Campus Health Center launched their new flu shot campaign on Sept. 19 to increase vaccination rates on campus.

During their kickoff event, many students, staff and faculty stopped to get their flu shot, including the W, Provost Keith Whitfield, College of Nursing Dean Laurie Lauzon Clabo and Graduate School Dean Ambika Mathur.

Chief Nursing Officer Ann Rayford said the health center wants to continue to make sure the Wayne State community stays healthy. 

“It’s not just about making sure they don’t get the flu, it's also about potentially get other families members ill,” Rayford said.

WSU students, faculty and staff can get flu shots from the Campus Health Center at no out-of-pocket cost. They will bill insurance, but students, faculty and staff will not be responsible for any of the costs.

Students who get involved in the campaign can win a $100 Barnes and Noble gift card, a $25 Shell gift card or a $25 gift card. 

In order to be a winner, students have to take a photo before, during or after they get their flu shot and post the photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #StopTheFluWSU. The most creative photo will win the $100 Barnes and Noble gift card, with second and third will take home the other gift cards.

“This will get to word out to show, even as healthy young people, students need to get their vaccines,” Rayford said. 

After Provost Whitfield got his flu shot, he said it’s important for students to get their vaccines to make prevent an outbreak on campus that would disrupt students’ education.

“Student health leads to more student success,” Whitfield said. 

At the kickoff, second-degree WSU students were giving out the flu shots. 

Dr. Joan Bickes, the clinical instructor, said it’s important that student receive hands-on learning during their coursework while at the university.

“They are doing outreach and bringing all their stuff,” Bickes said. “It gives them a different way of doing things that is different from being in a hospital.”

Dean Clabo said getting the flu shot is making sure students stay successful and do their part to protect the community.

“The more people who are immunized, the more people we can protect on campus,” Dean Mathur said. “It’s an easy thing we can all do to protect each other.”

Rayford said getting the flu vaccine helps build up immune systems. 

“As students, if you miss class, you could lose points or you could even fail,” Rayford said. “The flu can have you done and out for one to two weeks, so you really want to prevent that from happening.” 

The Campus Health Center, with the launch of their new flu shot campaign, aims to win the Michigan University Flu Shot Challenge for the fourth consecutive year and win the newly launching National University Flu Vaccination Challenge.

Along with providing flu shots, the Campus Health Center provides health care services to prevent and treat common physical illness. For more information about the health center or the flu shot campaign, visit health.wayne.edu.

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