While voting ballots on Election Day will list presidential candidates, they will also include the candidates for Wayne State’s Board of Governors.

The BOG consists of eight members elected by the people of the State of Michigan for eight-year terms. Each appointee holds office until completion of the term and a successor has been nominated and elected in statewide elections, according to the WSU Board of Governors website.

The candidates running for Governor of WSU are Republican candidates Michael Busuito and Kimberly Shmina; Libertarian candidates Bhagwan Dashairya and Al Seder; Democratic candidates Yvette McElroy Anderson and Mark Gaffney; U.S. Taxpayers candidates Robert Gale and Marc Sosnowski; Green Party candidates Margaret Guttshall and Fran Shor and Natural Law candidate Wendy Goossen.

Students will have the option to vote for not more than two candidates on Election Day.


“I want to improve the educational system, make college free and get WSU to the same level of Michigan State and [University of Michigan]," Dashairya said.

He said he plans on improving campus residence if elected. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Mississippi in 1971, and he was a candidate for the United States House of Representatives in 2010, 2012 and 2014, according to votesmart.org.

Seder said his top priority is keeping tuition locked.

“The price that you agree to in the beginning should be your price as long as you’re a student,” he said.

Seder’s second priority is keeping costs down for the university. He said WSU’s main purpose in the beginning was educating students in the surrounding areas, and now WSU is focused on keeping up with the top universities in the state. His third priority is incorporating trades into the school.

“Just because it’s a university, doesn’t mean you can’t learn other things,” Seder said.  

Green Party

Guttshall’s platform consists of reduced tuition, free remedial classes for all students, solidarity with the black, women, Latino and LGBT movements and providing safe transportation to campus for disabled people and making all buildings wheelchair accessible, according to her website.

On Guttshall’s website, she said, “Tax the rich, not the poor. Bring all U.S. troops home now; stop all U.S. aid to Israel and other unjust regimes. Money for young people and disabled people, not for war.”

For more information on Guttshall, visit mguttshall.org.

Shor’s platform is built on five fundamental beliefs: democracy, diversity, non-violence, sustainability and accessibility.

Shor advocates for debt-free education, affirmative action for disadvantaged students, student participation in all administrative and staff committees, reducing waste, and transitioning to unarmed police, according to his website.

“I will insist on giving faculty, staff, and students a greater role in determining the allocation of resources through participatory budgeting.”

For more information, visit franshor.org.


Busuito earned his medical degree in 1981 from WSU’s School of Medicine. He’s a member of many professional groups including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Michigan State Medical Society and American Medical Association.

Busuito is currently on the Board of the WSU Physician’s Group, and he said he believes the key to the rebirth of any American city is a major research university which, for Detroit, is WSU.

According to his website, “The success of our state is dependent upon the rebirth of Detroit. And, Detroit’s resurgence is dependent on the success of WSU.”

For more information on Busuito, visit votebusuitowsu.com.

Shminais an advocate for the Constitution, anti-common core and pro-life, according to her website. She earned her doctorate in nursing in 2013 from WSU.

For more information on Shmina, visit kimshmina.com.


Gaffney is currently an adjunct professor at WSU and is the chair of the Democratic Congressional Committee for the 12th District and the former head of the Michigan AFL- CIO, according to rtamichigan.org

On vote411.org, he said “I would certainly hope, and will work towards continuing to have WSU be the opportunity for students from Detroit and from Michigan's working class families for college.” 

Anderson said the three most critical duties of a university governor are establishing the annual budget, setting tuition and fees and setting policy for the management of university resources, according to voterguide.michigan.com.

Anderson said she will work to increase retention and graduation, ensure that tuition remains affordable for all students and make sure to strengthen relationships with schools in the region.

U.S. Taxpayers

Sosnowski said his campaign consists of three components: ending the inhumane treatment of dogs in WSU’s research labs, reducing the influence of Agenda 21 due to being anti-common core and modifying the mission statement of the university to reflect traditional values rather than progressivism.

“If you are an animal lover, a patriot and a traditionalist, find my name on the ballot and vote for me,” Sosnowski said.

Election day is on Nov 8. To view your sample ballot or find your voting location, visit vote411.org.

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