“We are always focused on accountability and we also believe these are reasonable,”

On March 24, the Board of Governors unanimously approved a 5 percent increase to Wayne State dorm and apartment prices to help build the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments.

Tim Michael, associate vice president for business auxiliary operations and chief housing officer, said, on average, freshmen resident room and board rates will increase by 2.27 percent, and room rates for all accommodation prices will increase by about 5 percent.

The board also approved a $5.1 million increase and a $20 million line of credit for the project.  

“The room and board rates recommended for FY 2018 represent reasonable increases that will support the start of construction of phase I of the Housing Facilities Master Plan, the new 840-bed Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments, which will be completed in phases in August 2018 and June 2019," according to the document presented at the BOG meeting. “July 1 is also the start of the new 40-year partnership with Corvias Campus Living as our housing facility property manager.”

Michael said the average meal plan increase across the Warrior Pass and Weekly plans is 3.18 percent.

“We are always focused on accountability and we also believe these are reasonable,” Michael said. “We are asking for the 5 percent to kickstart our 40-year plan.”

He said WSU board rates are currently $87 below the average of public universities, and the average board prices increased by 2.65 percent, while WSU's increase in board rates was 3.27 percent.

“We also look at our competition,” Michael said. “There are 30 apartments around where students live.” 

He said the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments will provide a robust, educational residence life and dining experience.  His priority is accountability, as well as to provide a diverse environment for students to learn.

“We think that is a real plus and a benefit to students who live on campus,” Michael said.

During the meeting, the BOG also approved a weight room addition to Matthaei Center.

BOG Chair Sandra O'Brien said she is excited to see the approval of the weight room addition that she thinks is long overdue.

“The athletic program is one of the best learning communities on campus,” she said. “It’s incredible that we are not taking more advice from the academic learning communities… You are doing a lot with the little you have.”

BOG members also established a joint master’s degree program in social work and public health, established a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program, established a graduate certificate in elementary mathematics specialist introductory and advanced, established a master’s degree program in arts administration and established of a Master of Science Program with a major in finance, as well as established endowment funds, research awards and a laboratory services contract.

The Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments will break ground on April 21. Phase I will open August 2018 and phase II will open June 2019. For more information on the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments, visit the Facilities Planning and Management website.

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