“Our commitment has always been to ensure that our students can access everything they need to succeed in the classroom,”
The WSU Bookstore's price match program will be available through the first week of classes. Classes begin on Aug. 31. Photo by Kaitlin Fazio

Finding a lower price on a textbook just got a little easier with the Wayne State Bookstore’s new price matching option. Through the first week of classes, if students find a lower price on a textbook they have purchased from the WSU bookstore, the bookstore will refund them the difference with their new price match option.

Price matching includes new, used and used rental books, where the rental term periods are the same. Digital books, access codes and special orders are not eligible in the price match program.

“Our commitment has always been to ensure that our students can access everything they need to succeed in the classroom,” said WSU Bookstore Manager Jodi Young. “The price match program is another example of the bookstore’s latest efforts to ensure students are prepared for the first day of class, with the correct learning materials, at the most affordable prices.”

According to the press release, the bookstore will price match Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s online pricing. However, online marketplaces like "Other Sellers" on Amazon, Amazon's Warehouse Deals, "fulfilled by" Amazon, Barnes and Noble's online marketplace, as well as peer-to-peer pricing, are not eligible.

Young said the bookstore will price match the exact textbook in the same edition and format, including all accompanying materials, like workbooks and CDs. Additionally, a textbook is only eligible for price match if the textbook is in stock on one of the websites at the time of the price match request.

According to the bookstore's press release, WSU students saved over $1 million through cost-saving textbook options offered at the bookstore last year, including the rental program, which offers up to 80 percent off the cost of a new print textbook.

Sophomore theater major Sam Welsing said this will help her save time when buying textbooks.

“I find my textbooks, but then I have to wait for them to ship to me,” said Welsing. “When I need [my textbook] right away, it’s hard to wait all that time. Now, I can get what I need right away for the same price.”

Junior business management major Michael Williams said he thinks the WSU Bookstore should make the price match program longer than the first week of classes.

“A lot of students do not even know what textbooks they need for all their classes during the first week. It is not fair to only have [the price match program] for a short amount of time,” Williams said. “People have work and classes. How are they suppose to figure out what they need, the other prices, and wait in line in only a few days?”

To learn more about the price match program, visit the WSU bookstore on 42 W. Warren Ave., or visit them online at wayne.bncollege.com.

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