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“On campus housing is more than just a place to stay. It provides both academic and personal opportunities for growth,”

WSU breaks ground on Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments

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“On campus housing is more than just a place to stay. It provides both academic and personal opportunities for growth,”

Wayne State, along with Corvias Campus Living, held a groundbreaking for Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments on April 21.

The apartments will be the largest housing building on WSU’s main campus, consisting of over 800 beds, 25 communal lounge spaces, according to the apartment flyer. The apartments will feature full-kitchens and full-size beds, three distinct towers, courtyards, retail storefronts and high speed Wi-Fi network. 

Phase one of the apartments will be completed by the fall of 2018, opening 407 beds to students. Phase two of the construction will be completed by the fall of 2019, opening an additional 434 beds.

President M. Roy Wilson said Detroit has become a very exciting place, and with the rise of housing prices in midtown, the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments is important because it offers students affordable housing.

WSU’s 40-year partnership with Corvias Campus Living allows the university to focus on its core mission and save money, he said.

Wilson said through WSU’s partnership with Corvias, the university will save about $1 million a year compared to the previous housing setup. His administration is going to recommend that WSU Board of Governors use the surplus of money to reduce parking fees so that can be more affordable.

Wilson also said he plans to build a park for skateboarding and rollerblading when WSU carries out the demolition of Helen L. DeRoy Apartments.

“To be able to have a spot right across the street where they can skateboard and not tear up McGregor pond is a good thing,” he said.

Corvias founder John Picerne said the groundbreaking of Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments will allow the university to focus more time on what it cares about most, its students.

“As your partner, we will strive to support your ever-changing needs, so you can continue to better serve the living and learning environment… The design and construction of this building is only the first step in many and a long journey of our partnership,” he said. 

WSU Board of Governor Chair Sandra O’Brien said as the city and university grow and prosper, so does the need for affordable and convenient housing for our students.

“Through it’s 149-year history, Wayne State has had a number of milestones. Today, marks the continuance of that effort that began almost 15 years ago with the renewal of housing on this beautiful campus,” she said. “With Ghafari and Atchinson Halls standing proudly across the street from us and the Towers Residential Suites just up the way, we had a new choice for students right here, the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments.”

O’Brien went on to say that living on campus allows students to have a more well rounded experience.

“On campus housing is more than just a place to stay. It provides both academic and personal opportunities for growth,” she said. “We are thrilled with our growth and the opportunity that this beautiful housing option offers.”

On April 24, the current east entry to structure 2 facing Anthony Wayne Drive will permanently closed. Students will be able to enter and exit the structure through the gates on the west and north sides of the structure. Lot 41 will permanently close on April 24.

“The start of this new housing project is a milestone in the life of our university, and especially for our students, who will have new opportunities to live on campus and take advantage of all that Wayne State has to offer,” said Tim Michael, associate vice president for business and auxiliary operations and chief housing officer.

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