“The festival is essentially an opportunity for students to broaden their world views,"
Kambuza Mugala, president of the African Student Society, at the Global Festival and Study Abroad Fair on Sept. 21. Photo by Norbert Daniels.

The Office of International Students and Scholars hosted the 46th annual Global Festival and Study Abroad Fair to celebrate cultural diversity, customs and possibilities for studying worldwide on Sept. 21.  

At the festival, student organizations recruited new members for their rosters and exhibited the importance of cultural diversity.

“The festival is essentially an opportunity for students to broaden their world views, while at the same time developing a different kind of sense of Wayne Pride, particularly for commuters,” study abroad program manager Margaret Ogg said. “When people commute, it can be hard for them to feel like a part of campus life. Events like this help all students of all backgrounds feel connected.”

The Study Abroad Fair allowed students to consider participating in international study and promote the university’s new global studies major. The program’s website said countries like Cuba, Brazil, Germany and France are available for study, and the programs range from a few weeks to a full academic year. 

Ogg said the fair was essential to keep the study abroad programs and organizations running for future students and years.

“The festival is huge for sign-up and fundraising, so we can keep doing this for as long as we can,” Ogg said. “Without it, we might have to cancel some programs, and we obviously don’t want to do that, ever.”

“The festival is essentially an opportunity for students to broaden their world views,"

According to brochures on the various programs, global study is available and beneficial to all majors and students at WSU. Participants can choose between programs like art, architecture and history in Spain, political media in South Korea or exploring the business culture and climate of Italy.

Depending on the specific program, GPA requirements, cost, dates and activities may vary, according to the brochures.

“[Studying abroad] really changes your perspective on just about anything you could think of,” said senior global supply chain major Marseda Kavalli, who took part in the study abroad program to Italy. “You see how things move, how culture impacts everyday life and things you’d never expect. It changed my life.”

In addition to information about their specific programs and organizations, the assorted booths and tables offered samplings of traditional and popular foods from the countries they represented.

“We like doing the food for a lot of reasons,” said Dinesh Obadlah, a parent of a Sri Lankan Association student who helped cater food for the organization. “It raises funds for the club for a low price, and it gives us a chance to share our culture. Not many people know about Sri Lanka, and it’s a shame because our food is delicious.”

For more information on the Study Abroad & Global Programs, visit studyabroad.wayne.edu.

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