“This is the kind of leader that is walking the walk,”

The Board of Governors held their first meeting of the 2017-2018 school year Oct. 6.

In this meeting, the executive board announced they allotted $25,000 for President M. Roy Wilson’s yearly bonus.

Wilson directed the board to donate the entirety of the funds as scholarships for the Wayne Med-Direct program. Wayne M.D. is an early-decision program that guarantees admission to 10 incoming freshmen with a minimum grade-point average of 3.5 and a 30 ACT score into the School of Medicine and the Irvin D. Reid Honors College.

“This is the kind of leader that is walking the walk,” said BOG Chair Sandra O’Brien. “Everything we do is for the students, but he’s taught us—from the highest level—that giving, in whatever you can, is his priority. It doesn’t surprise me that he would do it.”

The board bestowed a proclamation upon the athletics department in honor of the department’s 100-year anniversary. A proclamation from the BOG is, “an enhanced recognition of something special that a division or department has done,” O’Brien said.

The proclamation was accepted by four student-athletes who were presented by Director of Athletics Rob Fournier: Anthony Pittman, a junior from the football team, Kylee Barrett, a senior softball player, Ryan Mergener, a senior from the baseball team, and Shannon Wilson a senior from the women’s basketball team.

O’Brien said the discipline athletes have and the rigorous schedules they follow contribute to the athletic department’s high graduation rates.

“We’ve been fortunate that athletics has been one of the divisions that have done so well, not only on the field but in academics [as well],” O’Brien said.

Following the presentations and reports, the board accepted comments from the audience. Only Maria Young, a pharmacist and the owner of University Pharmacy, commented. Young’s lease on campus will be terminated August 2018.

Young was granted three minutes to speak before the board.

“When I came here in 2006/2007, when I planned on opening up in 2008, I had the vision that I was going to practice pharmacy the way it was meant to be,” Young said. “The value really isn’t having University Pharmacy on campus because it’s a retail-front store, a large part of it is the value we’re inputting to not just your employees, your faculty, your staff and your health care costs, but also the pharmacy students that [are] involved.”

Young has taught newly-independent students how to manage their health, while prescribing appropriate medications, vaccinating students and mentoring pharmacy students.

“It’s not just the services of having a pharmacy, it's actually the service of being able to help people understand their current health and wellness program,” she said.

Young said what makes University Pharmacy better than a chain pharmacy is the time Young is able to dedicate to each patient and provide personalized experiences and her understanding of Wayne State’s culture.

“In a chain pharmacy, they won’t be able to handle the international students that we have here,” she said. “Their priority is just to turn over numbers and scripts, it’s all volume. So, there’s no time to talk about drug interaction.”

Sara Denton, a second-year pharmacy student, said the role of a pharmacist encompasses many aspects and the three minutes given to Young was not an adequate amount to capture the importance of keeping University Pharmacy on campus.

“With [WSU’s] slogan being ‘Aim higher,’ and their mission is to get and treat people with the most forward health sciences and pharmaceutical sciences and to help integrate the community, how are we able to do that if we do not have a resource like [Young] on campus?” Denton said.

Denton said Young not only helps her in her academic pursuit but also helps shape her into a well-rounded pharmacist for the future.

“[Young] gives us an invaluable experience,” she said.

Also in the meeting was the approval of the establishment of a Doctor of Philosophy Program in Educational Studies, a Master of Science in Athletic Training, a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management and the discontinuance of the Master of Education in Career and Technical Education. The construction of a new $16.9-million Data Center was also approved. The 12,500-square-foot building will be located adjacent to the existing Computer and Information Technology Building.

The next BOG meeting will take place Nov. 10.


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