“We believe that we as Christians are called to love one another, regardless of differences in boundaries and everything, and everyone’s a human, we’re all people.”

Cru, a Wayne State student organization, set up a station to celebrate Love a Muslim Day in the Student Center in response to Punish a Muslim Day on April 3.

A flyer that reportedly originated in the U.K. detailed the point system and reasoning behind Punish a Muslim went viral. Points, ranging from 10 to 2500, rewarded violent behavior such as pulling the hijab off of a Muslim woman and “torture a Muslim using electrocution, skinning, use of a rack.”

“…they are allowing the white-majority nations of Europe and North America to become overrun by those who like nothing more than to do us harm and turn our democracies into Sharia-led police states,” the flyer said.

Cru offered free breakfast consisting of bagels, cinnamon rolls and coffee in the morning and a “God Squad” to walk Muslim students to their classes and cars.

“We just decided to combat that negative with a positive,” Lauren Manor, a sophomore social work student, said. “We believe that we as Christians are called to love one another, regardless of differences in boundaries and everything, and everyone’s a human, we’re all people.”

Manor said Cru created Love a Muslim Day to show solidarity with their Muslim friends and students on campus to show that this type of behavior is, “definitely not okay.”

“We as a society are very racist,” she said. “We as human beings should just be nice to each other. There’s no reason to be negative to one another; there’s no reason to be hateful toward another person.”

Austin Morales, a member of Cru and third-year biomedical physics student, said compassion is necessary to challenge modern society’s self-centeredness and individualistic nature.

“The greatest thing that we can do, for anybody, is just show love,” Morales said.

Muslim students have shown their gratitude throughout the day for Cru’s actions.

“It made me really happy to just see that this is Christians, white people that are trying to counteract this hate by saying, ‘We’re here for you,’” Khadega Mohammed, a freshman political science student, said.

Mohammed said that while she didn’t take the Punish a Muslim Day flyer seriously, the show of support from Cru gave her hope that there are good people in the world.

“Everyday is Punish a Muslim Day; every day we’re in danger,” she said. “I don’t need a specific day to be seen as a target.”

Mohammed said she initially thought Punish a Muslim Day was stupid, but it saturated her social media feeds with people voicing their concerns and cautioning her.

“It’s meant to just monger fear amongst us, but we’re not going to let it. We’re not going to let the hate and fear reside within us,” Mohammed said. “We believe that every day we are protected by Allah, so I’m going to just continue to wear my hijab.”

The Love a Muslim station will be at the Student Center until 9 p.m.

Students are encouraged to call WSUPD at 313-577-2222 if they feel unsafe or see something suspicious.

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Why the “Punish A Muslim Day” letter is almost certainly a hoax.

1. No one in Britain or anywhere else is calling for vigilante attacks on innocent Muslims, and no foe of jihad terror in Britain or anywhere else condones such attacks. No prominent person supports the point of view represented by this letter. But that point of view does correspond to the Islamic supremacist/Leftist media myth that Muslims are routinely victimized in the UK and elsewhere in the West.
2. The fliers were sent to homes in Muslim areas of the UK, as you can see in the story below. If the vigilantes were intending to drum up support, these areas were the last places where they would have sent the fliers, but if the fliers are a hoax concocted by Muslims, then it would make sense for them to send them to Muslims who would publicize them.
3. The day is over and no Muslims anywhere have been attacked. Nor should there have been any such attacks. But this indicates that the people behind the fliers were not actually intending to attack any Muslims, lending credence to the likelihood that Muslims concocted the fliers in order to divert attention away from the Muslim rape gang scandals in the UK.
4. The people who sent the fliers are either very stupid vigilantes, for apparently not knowing that their fliers would only gain sympathy for their intended victims, or very smart hoaxers, wanting to reinforce the myth that Muslims are targets of widespread discrimination and harassment in the West. It is more likely that actual vigilante thugs would simply go out and brutalize innocent people, rather than telegraphing their intentions.
But as the old saying goes, the lie travels twice around the world before the truth has finished putting on its shoes. And so it goes.

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