“How we [Student Senate] respond to budget proposals, committee meetings and student involvement will reshape this university to strengthen student success,”

New Student Senate members took the oath of Student Senate and elected part of the Student Senate executive board during their special election meeting on May 11.

Nourhan Hamadi was elected as the president of Student Senate for the academic year.

“I have dedicated a lot of time to senate, and through that, I have grown tremendously as a person,” she said. “Starting off, I wouldn’t even be able to stand here today look at you guys and talk.”

Hamadi said the voice of Student Senate is not only important to the revitalization of Detroit but also the university in the heart of midtown.

“How we [Student Senate] respond to budget proposals, committee meetings and student involvement will reshape this university to strengthen student success,” she said. “The degree we wish to achieve and work towards everyday is the same for every other student here, but alongside the dreams for ourselves, it’s our job to extend our efforts to help other students and achieve their aspirations.”

Through engagement, she said student senate will get more students to be engaged in public forums, town hall meetings and project groups. For the next academic year, Hamadi said student senate will collectively work together to communicate better with students and the community.

Dalia Ibrahim was elected as the Student Senate vice president for 2017-2018 academic year.

For the upcoming year, Ibrahim hopes to work on closing the graduation gap between African-American students and white students, women’s access to services on campus and creating a unified front with faculty and the administration.

“I want to do the stuff that makes people feel like they have a purpose and a place on this campus, because they are more likely to continue if they feel attached,” she said.

Daniel Krupp was elected parliamentarian, Anchita Sanam was elected secretary, Stuart Baum was elected the director of governmental affairs and Jasmine Coles was elected the director of community affairs for Student Senate for the duration of the academic year.

Other positions include the director of student services and the director of public relations who will be elected by the student senate at their next meeting on May 18.

“I have the absolute confidence that with the combined leadership experience in this room, we will be able to create a distinct Wayne State experience,” Hamadi said.

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