Voting is open from April 10 to April 12

This year is the 100th anniversary of Student Senate elections at Wayne State. Students can vote for from April 10 until April 12 at 5 p.m.

Spotlight on Student Senate candidates: Trina Schulz, Paul Jones III, Ryan Laith

By: Aya Elsherif

Student Senate members work to represent Wayne State students’ wants and needs across campus. Student leaders Paul Jones III, Ryan Laith and Trina Schulz are running for Student Senate to affect change on campus. 

“It is important to me that your voice is heard and that when there are issues that affect you, [WSU’s] administration takes proper action,”said Trina Schulz, a Student Senate candidate.

Schulz is a junior majoring in psychology. She has been an active member of WSU residential life as a member of Hall Council and then a resident adviser at Atchison Hall.

As an active member on Student Senate she has worked to provide Syrian refugees scholarships, successfully lobbied admin to fund Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and worked on bylaw changes to ensure proper representation of college senators.

“In the future, I hope to address Student Center issues such as catering, outlets and inclusive restrooms. As well as issues of financial aid, food availability for campus residents and establishing a tuition freeze.”

For more information on Schulz’s campaign, visit her Facebook page.

Paul Jones III is a junior pursuing an urban studies major. He’s been involved with many student organizations including the Residence Hall Association, The Brotherhood and Future Urban Leaders of Detroit.

Jones has held multiple leadership roles on campus including being a Resident Advisor for Ghafari Hall.

 “This has allowed me the opportunity to help students navigate resources on their WSU journeys and help build and sustain community in residence halls,” said Jones, 

His pride in WSU and the city of Detroit has inspired him to continue to work to improve student life, he said. Jones said his experiences in public service in Detroit’s Planning and Development Department, as a Resident Advisor and leading communication for a state representative campaign have equipped him with the practical knowledge that he could apply in the Student Senate position.

“I’m running to bring three E’s to Student Senate: experience, equity and enthusiasm,” said Jones.

“My identity as a student of color has also helped shape my campaign and vision for WSU. I believe Senate serves an important role and must be the driver of effective inclusion efforts on campus.”

For more information on Jones’s campaign, visit this Facebook page.

Ryan Laith is a sitting Student Senate representative. He is a senior biology student involved in Peer2Peer and the Iraqi Student Organization. Throughout his time on campus, he has distinguished himself as a student leader through being a peer mentor, Supplemental Instruction leader and orientation leader.

During his time on Senate he worked on increasing the CAPS budget, ensuring a student voice on the Academic Affairs Committee and sponsored a resolution to reaffirm Senate’s stance of support for the promotion of diversity and inclusion during President Trump’s Muslim Ban.

“I want to continue to help students succeed and feel at home through greater access to mental health resources,” he said, “The work we've done on Senate must continue for the advancement of the student body.”

Member at Large Candidates

Amir Almamri 

Class standing: Junior Major: Marketing

Bio excerpt: “..I’ve grown to really appreciate my decision and the city of Detroit. From my time here, I have enjoyed the strengths we have here at Wayne state such as it’s diversity and the culture of Detroit. At Wayne State, I am a Pre- Med student pursing a marketing degree. During my free time I enjoy using photography to explore new places in Detroit, volunteering, and attending random Wayne State events. My goal for next year is to be even more involved and to give back more to this community and school.”

Stuart Baum

Class standing: Sophomore Major: Public Affairs

Bio excerpt: “Stuart Baum is a passionate and hardworking sophomore, majoring in Public Affairs and minoring in Criminal Justice. Asa Student Senator, he has been a champion for policies and practices that promote the best interests of students. He has successfully advocated for University-wide general education reform that will reduce the amount of general education credits required to graduate, will significantly save students money, and will help eliminate the obstacles they face to graduating on time”

Hussein Bazzi  

Class standing: Freshman Major: Public Health

Bio excerpt: “I have chosen to pursue Public Health because of my dedication in making a difference in the world. Henceforth, allowing me to grasp an understanding of key public health concepts, will help further my success in making a difference in the world. I really enjoy being apart of a community and helping make a difference.”

Alexis Brown  

Class standing: Sophomore Major: Sociology and Urban Studies

Bio excerpt: “My goal after college is to work with the youth of Detroit in a way that will empower them to believe in themselves by equipping them with the resources and skills needed to do so. I also want to simply work within the city.”

Robert Calimente  

Class standing: Junior Major: Finance and Public Affairs

Bio excerpt: “...But, it’s always been a passion of mine learn from my peers. I strive to balance diverse viewpoints from all corners of campus to ensure each student is equally represented. This is why I want to run for student body representative.”

Riya Chhabra

Class standing: Freshman Major: Public Health

Bio excerpt: “I have served in student government

in my past schooling years as well as worked as a Teacher’s Aid. These experiences have cultivated my interest in current events as well as collaborating with others in sight of a common goal. I am also the Public Relations chair for Scholars of Service and enjoy actively volunteering through the community whether that be tutoring or fundraising.”

Jasmine Coles

Class standing: Junior Major: Honors Biology

Bio excerpt: “Jasmine is passionate about the city of Detroit where she grew up and considers Wayne State to be home. As a product of the Detroit Public School system, Jasmine understands the importance of education and believes that Wayne State should be the front runner of higher learning. For the last two years she has served on Student Senate as a Senator and as the Director of Community Affairs.”

Ajanta Dutta

Class standing: Senior Major: Biology

Bio excerpt: “(Ajanta) was an elected Senator at Large during the 2016-2017 term; during the 2016-2017 term, she sat on the University Assessment Council and the Student Activities Funding Board, was involved in Academic project group and is currently working with the ‘no smoking-policy’ project group.”

Marcella Eid

Class standing: Freshman Major: Political Science

Bio excerpt: “When I am not on campus, I work at a nationally recognized full-service law firm as an Administrative Assistant since I have always had a passion for the practice of law. I am now taking that passion and using it to go to law school and to become an attorney in the near future.”

Waleed Eliwat

Class standing: Junior Major: Biochemistry

Bio excerpt: “In his free time he enjoys giving back to the community. He is a Site Leader for the Alternative Spring Break Detroit program where he coordinates volunteer opportunities, learning dialogues, and arts and culture events in the Detroit


Ali Fakih

Class standing: Freshman Major: Public Health Honors

Resma Gadde

Class standing: Senior Major: Nutrition

 Bio excerpt: “I have served in the Senate previously and truly enjoyed seeing all my hard work and spent time pay off! I hope to do so again this year, by showing even more accomplishments!”

 Bhavna Guduguntla

Class standing: Senior Major: Public Health

 Bio excerpt: “(Bhavna) is a part of the MedStart program at Wayne State, and is majoring in Public Health with minors in Global Studies and Biological Sciences. She also currently serves as the Co-President of GlobeMed, a student run non-profit partnered with a grassroots organization in New Delhi, India that is geared toward raising awareness of global health issues, resolving disparities in health equity, and empowering women and children.”

Nourhan Hamadi

Class standing: Junior Major: Public Health

 Bio excerpt: “During the 2017-2018 Student Senate term, Nourhan has advocated for many changes to occur at WSU. These changes include --but are not limited to-- the implementation of feminine hygiene product availability in women’s and gender inclusive restrooms, student input on advising, more flexibility in class scheduling, increasing methods to alert students of safety concerns and precautionary actions, the creation of a Middle Eastern/North African racial category on all Wayne State University documents, suicide prevention initiatives, and the overall rejuvenation of the University’s bus system.”

Bilal Hammoud

Class standing: Junior Major: Psychology

 Bio excerpt: “Over the years I have become very involved on Wayne State Universities campus and have become a part of the diverse communities that it offers. Through these organizations and communities I have seen the growth and potential in our amazing University and I would like to be a catalyst for that progress. Through Student Senate I plan to work closely with students and staff to provide a greater campus life and community for all.”

Abdul Harris

Class standing: Junior Major: Psychology

 Bio excerpt: “Abdul wishes to represent the study body to the best of his abilities - as done in the past - and will continue to fight for the voice of students to be heard, both on and off campus.”

Dalia Ibrahim

Class standing: Junior Major: Political Science & Peace and Conflict Studies

 Bio excerpt: “Previously she has served as treasurer, SAFB member, and Committee Chair. During the 2016-2017, she worked diligently to collect and expand women’s resources on campus including access to feminine hygiene products and adequate accommodations for nursing mothers. This year, she worked to understand and tackle the disparity in black-white graduation rates.”

Abid Imam

Class standing: Sophomore Major: Chemical Engineering

 Bio excerpt: “I am interested in being a part of the senate because I am a person who likes to be part of change. I am a person who wants to be a part of Wayne states history. Also, I would like to have the experience of being part of this team so that i can give back to the community in whatever way that I can.”

Jakylia Johnson

Class standing: Junior Major: Public Affairs

 Bio excerpt: “I am interested in running for Student Senate because I want to represent the African American minority at Wayne State University. I want to make sure that we are not left out in the decision making.”

Henry Kennedy-Cobb

Class standing: Junior Major: Political Science

 Bio excerpt: “I am running for student senate to fight for democracy at home and to represent the ideals and values of the Libertarian Socialist Alliance on Student Senate. To that end, my principal goals are: freezing tuition increases, providing diverse and higher quality dining options, designating smoking areas on campus, and creating a memorial for Michigan’s veterans of the Spanish Civil War.”

Lynn Losh

Class standing: Graduate Student  Major: English

 Bio excerpt: “As a student who has spent most of her scholarly years at Wayne State, I would like to give back to the community that has given me so much. As a member of the Student Senate, I would make sure to represent the students best interests, and focus on making the campus safe for every student.”

Courtney Mansor

Class standing: Junior  Major: Psychology

 Bio excerpt: “I would like to help make a difference to our campus, by recognizing the concerns of the students and try to make life easier for all of us.”

Rexhinaldo Nazarko

Class standing: Sophomore  Major: Political Science

 Bio excerpt: “I care very deeply about the development of our school, and the performance of our student body. As a Warrior University we should strive for the top. By running for Senate, I plan to contribute to student life, increase student involvement on campus, and improve the experience of each attendee of this school.”

 K. M. Rahman

Class standing: Sophomore  Major: Computer Science

 Bio excerpt: “I am running for student senate to change the culture of housing and dining on campus as well as to implement a new system to reach out to unknowing students about what and how they can make a change to Wayne State.”

Alice Santana

Class standing: Junior  Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

 Bio excerpt: “She hopes to provide help and adequate care for her community and other minority groups within the Detroit area now as an undergrad and in her career. Overall, Alice is goal-oriented, always looking to seek knowledge, and is committed to working diligently in order to reach our common goals.”

Kenan Sinan

Class standing: Junior  Major: Biological Sciences & Public Health

 Bio excerpt: “I aspire to be a member of student senate because I want to actively help Wayne State improve

in all aspects. A few ideas I have include improving the WIFI on campus and possibly introducing healthier food options.”

Mazen Zamzam

Class standing: Sophomore  Major: Biology and Public Health

 Bio excerpt: “Mazen hopes to continue to represent the voices

of his peers, as well as increase the communication between the Student Senate and the students. As a Sophomore, Mazen hopes to continue to represent his class’ concerns and represent underclassmen at Wayne State.”

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Candidates

Winston Balmaceda

Class standing: Sophomore  Major: East Asian Studies and Anthropology

 Bio excerpt: “I have a desire for positive change on campus and hope to see this campus become its best self. Within the past year so many incidents have occurred and I myself felt that the way these situations were handled created a culture of uncertainty on this campus. I hope that I can have a voice in the student senate that reflects on my work in social justice.”

Jabed Khan

Class standing: Senior  Major: B.S Nutrition & Food Science and Minor in Biology

 Bio excerpt: “I want to help a certain group of people that are near and dear to my heart that would be disenfranchised or at risk students. I feel I have special skills to help them, because I’m one of them. I want to be a leader and leave behind a great impact on WSU. My desire to make a difference is my strongest strength.”

Nader Rayyan 

Class standing: Junior  Major: Biology

 Bio excerpt: “Student senate plays an important role in student’s lives as being ambassadors to Wayne State. Their goal is to represent the students and push for changes that are a concern to the students. My goal is to help my fellow students get the best education they can. I want to represent my student body and make our school a better place for everyone.”

Kristian Rice 

Class standing: Junior  Major: Public Health/Sociology

 Bio excerpt: “believe that in order to become a leader, you must meet two requirements: you have to first experience being led and, secondly, you must embark upon opportunities to lead. In essence, that is exactly what I am doing. I am interested in running for Student Senate because I not only want to develop my leadership skills, but I would also like to work with others to create a more inclusive environment on campus.”

Mike Illitch School of Business Canditate 

Anchita Sanam 

Class standing: Junior  Major: Finance

Bio excerpt: “This past year at Senate has been both rewarding and eye opening. I was able to make differences but also see how much there is for us to work on and change for the better of the school and the students.”

College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts Candidates

Cameron Sanders

Class standing: Freshman  Major: Journalism & Political Science

Bio excerpt: “I want to be part of Wayne State Student Senate to help bring about positive change campus. As a freshman I believe I can offer a great representation of first year students. I would try improve Wayne State University through Student Senate be working to make a safe environment for anyone who may feel threatened because of possible intimidation or the non-inclusive views of other students.”

Isaac Weiss

Class standing: Sophomore/Junior  Major: Instrumental Music Education

Bio excerpt: “As a friend and collaborator of current senators, I’m aware of the Student Senate’s past accomplishments and its potential to, with a strong team, accomplish even more. I bring to the table a drive to make both myself and the world around me the best that they can possibly be.”

College of Nursing Candidate

Theodora Ziai

Class standing: Senior Major: Nursing\

Bio excerpt: “I served as the College of Nursing Representative for 2017-2018 academic year and would like to continue the amazing work student senate has been doing so far. Quality of education for every student is the goal and that is what motivated me to run for Senate.”

For more information on the student senate candidates go to:


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