The study abroad programs give students a chance to not only learn about other cultures but to experience them.

Wayne State’s Office of International Programs showcased global cultures across Gullen Mall on Sept. 20.

Students on campus represented their country’s culture and shared traditional foods, clothing, art and customs.

Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Albania were just a few of the groups present at the fair that displayed key cultural aspects to educate the student body and WSU community of the customs belonging to various countries worldwide.   

The study abroad programs give students a chance to not only learn about other cultures but to experience them by participating in over 20 different programs in countries located on five continents.

The Mike Ilitch School of Business provides five study abroad opportunities that are eligible to be applied as a 3-credit course toward a free elective or a major elective.

Louise Moceri, the director of International Study Abroad Programs at the business school, introduced Canada as a new program beginning 2018. Moceri said she encourages business students to take advantage of this opportunity provided by the university to develop their skills and networks.

“They’ll go and visit probably around 8 to 10 corporations in whatever countries they’re visiting and learn more about the business processes there,” Moceri said.

The Cross-Cultural Global Engineering Program offers engineering students an opportunity to study in Hangzhou, China for covering a 4-credit course for a month during the summer semesters.

“[WSU] students work with Chinese students to solve engineering problems and issues,” Yongpan Ma said, an international engineering student who has participated in this program.

Ma also took part in the program’s optional cultural trips to Beijing and Shanghai.

The Department of Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, presented several opportunities for students interested in learning a language or understanding a certain culture.

Anne Duggan, a French professor and department chair, said she encourages students with a basic understanding of a language to strengthen and quicken their communication skills and experience the country associated with that language.

Although she supports taking a couple of classes before delving into a country with an unfamiliar language, Duggan said it isn’t a requirement for most programs.

“Depending on the program and the language, the requirements vary. For example, the ‘Year in Munich’ program requires four semesters of German classes, while for the Italian program, there aren’t any prerequisites,” Elena Past said, associate chair of the department and associate Italian professor.

WSU offers scholarships and subsidies for certain study abroad programs. For more information on international groups and study abroad opportunities, visit

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