“I’m running for mayor so I’m able to take my city to a place that it hasn’t been before,"

As part of their “Talk that Talk” series, Black Student Union held an open forum on Feb. 1 with Detroit mayoral candidate Myya Jones, 22, to discuss her platform. 

Jones has announced that she will be running for the position of mayor in Detroit’s 2017 election.

She said being a younger candidate is actually an advantage.

“Young people are really innovative,” she said. “We’ve been able to age with technology, so we’re able to adapt, we’re able to work with people — work with everyone around. So being young, I don’t think it’s a disadvantage at all”

Jones says the three things she wants to focus on if she is elected as mayor are public safety, child welfare and economic development.

“I’m running for mayor so I’m able to take my city to a place that it hasn’t been before," she said. "I believe that it is important for young people, people of color and women to have representation and that we need to start stepping up to the plate to do things when we are unsatisfied with how our government is running."

Jasmyne Brantley, president of the Black Student Union, said she appreciated Jones' mindset to focus on the Detroit community.

“I feel that she is very ambitious, inspiring, goal-oriented and it’s just truly an inspiration to have her here," she said.

Audience member Kelly Wolfer said he hopes to see what kind of changes Jones will bring.

“I think that a lot of times change is something that a struggling city needs, and Detroit is coming back, as a lot of people are saying, so we need somebody who is proactive and progressive, and I think she might be a good option for that.”

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