“I hope that Wayne State organizations will come out to participate and join this coalition.
Event flier

Wayne State will host the 2017 Michigan Progressive Action Assembly on March 4 in the Hilberry A and B in the Student Center.

“The Action Assembly will be an opportunity for all progressive and social justice organizations to come together to coordinate and collaborate,” said Ryan Stevenson, a history major and main organizer of the event.

The goal, according to the agenda for the assembly, is to come together to coordinate action and events to advance common political and social goals throughout our community.

Given the current political climate, the MPAA is trying to take initiative to address social and political injustices at a local scale. Their plan is to not only discuss these issues or express dissatisfaction, but to make plans of action to change these issues and build a stronger community.

Some of the caucus groups participating in the assembly include: immigrant’s rights, women’s rights, disabilities advocacy, environmental issues and education.

The assembly will be divided into two sections, according to the agenda. The first section will include groups that will discuss how to build communication platforms state-wide, how to achieve an effective coalition and plan modes of action for short and long terms.

The second section will focus on strategizing how to build the coalition, fundraising to support the coalition and discuss the divide of resources between the coalitions. 

“I hope that Wayne State organizations will come out to participate and join this coalition. There's a lot of work to be done that we'll only be able to achieve together,” Stevenson said.

For more information on the 2017 Michigan Progressive Action Assembly, please visit the Facebook page.

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