On April 18, Wayne State’s athletes celebrated their fourth annual Women’s Week by donating food and other important things to the Detroit homeless. 

“W” Week celebrates the women in Wayne State athletics. They kicked off the week by hosting brunch at the Matthaei building, where there was also a guest speaker. 

A week full of events is planned for athletics. On April 18 the drive was held in Matthaei where WSU athletes, female and male, came together to help sort through items donated by people across campus, and beyond. 

Other places such as the Downtown Marriott Hotel donates up to 6,000 items for this drive annually. After materials are sorted, the coaches and student athletes divide up the items evenly and take them out to the local community where they distribute them to families that are in dire need of basic necessities that we take for granted. 

Candice Howard, assistant athletic director and senior women’s administrator, was the person responsible for holding and operating the event and donations of “W” Week. When asked how the event was going and if they had any goal in mind, she said, “Last year we had over 20,000 items collected and over 1,000 bags made. This year our goal is 1,500 bags and as of right now we have 30,000 items, so we are far surpassing our goal.” 

Howard also talked about how she felt during the event. 

“This event is amazing for both the students, athletes and coaches. There is a bond from both parties that makes you come together for something more important then just yourself. The students love it too — they get into a contest to see who can make the most bags. The environment is just wonderful to be in at the moment.”

Carly Hunt, volleyball player and business major, was at the event as well. This is her fourth year doing the drive. Hunt’s feelings towards this event were good. She said, “We are very fortunate to give back to people who don’t have the necessary resources to get by, so it’s important as student athletes to do our part for our community.” 

Lauren Hughes, freshman tennis player and broadcast journalism major, took part in the event as well. This is Lauren’s first “W” Week and was excited about being part of it. When asked what she took away from the event she said, “It makes me look at things differently now. It makes me feel good about helping people that need the help. Knowing that that stuff that we are doing is going to help someone makes me feel great. The event is going great and we have more than enough food so why not give it away.”

Some of the bags will be going to the Neighborhood Service Organization, and some to Covenant House Michigan. The event is planned again for next year. To get more information, contact Candice Howard at candice.howard@Wayne.edu.

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