“This decision was made largely because the current MC requirement is at a level already required by most high school mathematics curriculum."
The Math Competency requirement will be suspended for undergraduates until fall 2018, or until a new general education program is adopted. Photo by Sarah Rahal.

Editor's note: this story will be updated regularly as the university releases more information on the topic. 

The Math Competency requirement for Wayne State's General Education Program will be suspended for all undergraduate students beginning in fall 2016.

According to an announcement from Provost Margaret Winters, the suspension will remain in place until fall 2018, or until a new general education program is adopted. Students graduating in spring/summer 2016 will still need the MC requirement for graduation.

Students graduating at the end of the fall 2016 term or later will not need a MC-designated course in order to graduate. 

The announcement also said that students who have already fulfilled the MC requirement will receive elective credit toward the 120 credit hours needed for graduation.

Currently, the classes it applies to are MAT 0993, 1000 and 1050. 

Monica Brockmeyer, associate provost for Student Success, said she and Associate Provost Darin Ellis will be responding to changes in WSU degree requirements.

“This decision was made largely because the current MC requirement is at a level already required by most high school mathematics curriculum. Courses such as MAT 0993 and MAT 1050 are still important classes for students with STEM aspirations or who have an interest in advancing their mathematical knowledge,” according to the provost's announcement.

“MAT 1000 (Mathematics in Today’s World) does an excellent job in introducing students to many important applications of mathematics; students are strongly encouraged to take it as an elective.”

The change does not apply to students with majors or minors that require a specific math requirement, according to an email sent out by the Communications Department.

"This suspension does not apply to you if you are planning on graduating this coming August; you have accepted a job, or believe you will be accepting a job, that will require you to graduate by August 2016 [and] you are planning to, or are seriously considering to, attend graduate school (of any kind) after fall 2016," the email said. 

Departments urge that students talk to their academic advisors before changing current or future schedules, as the change will affect students individually.

According to an announcement sent to students from Brockmeyer and Ellis, if students are in science, engineering, business or health programs, the suspension will not change degree requirements for those programs.

"If you are enrolled in MAT 0900, MAT 0993, MAT 1050, MAT 1000 or BA 2300 in Spring-Summer or Fall 2016, you are encouraged to meet with your advisor to determine whether you are enrolled in the best course for your plan of study," it said.

It also said that WSU "continues to endorse learning in mathematics for all students" and encouraged students to consider enrolling in math courses via the Rising Scholars Program for MAT 0993 or the Emerging Scholars Program for MAT 1050. 

"We believe this change will permit more flexibility in scheduling as well as ensuring that your specific mathematics requirements will be more appropriate for your course of study." 

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