"It’s not like your average costume party.”
Sarah Rahal

Wayne State students transformed into Captain America, zombies, cats and more at The Monster’s Ball Halloween Party held at The Fillmore Detroit on Oct. 30.

“Our goal was for students to say ‘it’s more than just a regular costume party,’” said Bruce Rothschild, Director of Sales at the Fillmore Detroit.

The Fillmore Detroit worked with WSU to entertain students and partygoers while providing safe transportation to and from the Fillmore by providing a free shuttle throughout the night.

 “We have a great relationship with Wayne State,” said Rothschild. “It’s a nice little convenience of our partnership with them that students will be able to avoid the hassle of getting downtown.”

The Fillmore was decked in Halloween decorations and featured theatrics with music provided by Detroit natives DJ Chrome and DJ AK. The stage area was turned into a dance floor for partygoers to enjoy and featured a VIP section on the balcony.

WSU freshman Dominique Rankin said she experienced something different at the party.

“Something that made this party different than others were the creepy costumes,” she said.

WSU Alumni were present at the Monster’s Ball as well. It was something new for Nicole Phillips, who graduated from WSU in 2007.

“This is more than what I expected,” she said.

The party was publicized through the weekly Get Involved emails from the Dean of Students Office, which provides information about events and ways to get involved with student life on and around campus.

The Monster’s Ball Halloween party was the highlight of Phillips’ night she said. Phillips said she had never been to a Halloween costume party before but decided to attend with her friend Jo Curry, a 2004 graduate of WSU.

“I’ve never been to a costume party before,” said Curry. “I enjoyed the atmosphere.”

The Monster’s Ball is something that students will be able to enjoy for the next four years. “We’ll give you that full concert experience rather than just a club,” says Rothschild.  

Some students said they would come back next year because they enjoyed the environment and music.  Samantha Parisi, a WSU senior, plans to return as well.

“I think it’s pretty cool, and I would bring more friends next year. It’s not like your average costume party.”


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