“I think it’s very exciting that WSU is making efforts to provide more people with the on-campus living experience,”

Detroit-centered design firm Hamilton Anderson Associates is continuing its partnership with Wayne State to build and renovate more options for on-campus housing, specifically the creation of Anthony Wayne Apartments.

Timothy L. Michael, associate vice president and CHO for the Division of Business & Auxiliary Operations at WSU, said the purpose of the project is to generate “a new type of furnished apartment building that we currently don’t have on campus” to help address the unmet demand by prospective students for more campus housing.

“AWD Apartments will be modern, furnished apartment buildings with, one, two and four-bedroom apartments,” Michael said. “The building will have full internet and cable streaming service with a complete wireless internet overlay, tile and ceramic flooring and carpeted bedrooms with full-size beds.”

Michael said the apartments will have fully functioning air conditioning and contain event spaces, as well as study and seminar rooms. 

Corvias Campus Living will fund AWD Apartments by providing the university with $1.4 billion over a 40-year-term agreement. 

At the Sept. 23, 2016 meeting, WSU Board of Governors approved the partnership with Corvias Campus Living to take over on-campus housing.

The apartments will consist of two conjoined buildings in front of parking structure four, from Kirby Street to St. Andrew’s Hall. Parking lot 41 will be demolished to make room for the buildings, and the Mencher statues will be moved.

“I think it’s very exciting that WSU is making efforts to provide more people with the on-campus living experience,” said Garrett Sears, a senior computer science major and Towers residential adviser, said. “It’s really invaluable, and more students should get the opportunity.”

A statement released by WSU said the apartments will add approximately 850 new beds and "a new student health services center."

In a press release by HAA, architect Michael Decoster said the company was thrilled to work with WSU.

“The opportunity to partner on these upcoming projects is a reflection of the valued relationship we share with Wayne State University and a humbling testament to our joint work,” Decoster said.

According to the company’s website, in addition to the apartment project, HAA is also helping transform Thompson Home, currently being used by the school of Social Work, into a residential facility.

HAA is also aiding with redesigning the Hilberry Theatre, as well as the construction of a new theater location.

Construction for the apartments is set to begin this spring. WSU plans to start moving residents in by fall 2018 when phase one of construction is complete.

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