Oct. 13 BAMN deportation protest

The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration, and Immigrant Rights and By Any Means Necessary held a protest on Wayne State’s campus for immigrant and civil rights activist Justin Cheong.

The protest began organizing at noon on October 13 at the David Adamany Undergraduate Library. Students planned to march to the Federal Courthouse downtown, where a court hearing would take place for Cheong to demand his freedom and stop his deportation.

The protesters marched down Warren Avenue to Cass Avenue, before being stopped by WSU Police at Alexandrine Street, where they were asked to move the crowd onto the sidewalk.

Cheong is a Chinese immigrant, BAMN activist and community leader in Detroit, who was taken into police custody on June 30. Cheong, fought for civil rights issues concerning public education, immigrant rights, and for the equality for America’s segregated African American and Latino communities.

Cheong attended the University of California at Berkeley and met his wife Liana Mulholland. The two have been married for five years, living in Detroit and Mulholland's parents, both AFSCME union officials, are Cheong's legal sponsors. 

He entered America legally in 2007 and is being charged with "being born in the wrong country." 

"Justin committed no offense. He pursued what every American presumes to have the right to do–to move to or from any free and democratic nation in the world, in accordance with local rules and customs...But Justin Cheong now sits in prison navigating an obscure and arbitrary legal process," according to BAMN's Freedom for Justin Cheong flier.

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