“Mostly just people wanting to hear what we’re about, wanting to share their views with us and ask us questions about our views,"

Large boards depicting bloody images of embryos and fetuses were scattered down the main walkway at Wayne State University’s Fountain Court on Oct. 9.

Emma Mysko, a member of Created Equal, a pro-life group based in Columbus, Ohio that visits college campuses across the country, said they chose to display such graphic images because a picture is worth a thousand words.

“We definitely agree that the images are graphic,” Mysko said. “They’re hard to look at. Nobody likes to see them, but when 25,000 humans are killed in this way every day in America, we ought to be able to face what it is that’s happening.”

The group also provided fliers and a number to what posters said was a helpline for women who have had abortions or are considering abortions.

Mysko said the response they received on WSU’s campus was varied.

“We’ve had a lot of good discussions with people on both sides of the aisle. We’ve had some people come through and knock down our signs, but it’s been kind of rare,” she said. “Mostly just people wanting to hear what we’re about, wanting to share their views with us and ask us questions about our views.”

Freshmen pre-clinical laboratory sciences majors Julie Nitz and Brittney Eastin said they felt the group had gone too far with the images they displayed.

“I feel like if they wanted to protest, they could have done it in a different manner. Putting up gory pictures and stuff, they’re not creating awareness at this point, they’re just creating anger,” Nitz said. “The reactions I’ve seen were either people just completely confused or just completely infuriated.”

Eastin said the boards could have a detrimental effect on women who have had abortions or are facing a difficult decision.

“I was appalled. Imagine how it must feel if you did have an abortion or if you are pregnant and considering, to be walking past and see that help number. That will probably just make them feel even worse,” she said.

In response, Nitz and Eastin said they wrote the number to Planned Parenthood in front of one of Created Equal’s signs.

“It’s just putting another option out there for people that feel maybe condemned or ashamed by these other people,” Nitz said.

For more information contact reporter Aleanna Siacon at aleanna.siacon@wayne.edu.

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In my opinion, we should educate the women about risk of abortions or have wisdom when have sexual relation with man; condom maybe.


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