Update: Board of Governors approve 3.2 percent tuition increase

Wayne State's Board of Governors unanimously approved a 3.2 percent tuition increase for the 2016 fiscal year on Friday.

With the increase, WSU undergraduate students will pay $9,545 for 24 credit hours, up from $9,248 last year, according to the Office of Budget, Planning and Analysis's proposal.

“We’re in line with the tuition cap proposed by the state of Michigan,” said Rob Kohrman, associate vice president for the OBPA, during the Student Senate meeting on June 18.

The state legislature’s tuition increase cap is 3.2 percent for the 2016 fiscal year.

Universities that exceed this cap forfeit incentive funding from the state, The Detroit News reported on Tuesday after Eastern Michigan University approved a 7.8 percent  tuition hike and passed up $1 million in incentive funding.

First-year WSU medical students will see a 2 percent tuition increase. Tuition rates will freeze for second-, third- and fourth-year medical students.

Tuition rates for the Law School will freeze for the next three years.

The College of Nursing will see reduced tuition rates next year. The Nursing College’s undergraduate tuition will be reduced by $100 per credit hour, which amounts to $536 per credit hour. Graduate nursing student tuition is currently the highest rate of all the WSU programs at $1,040 per credit hour and will be reduced by $235, which amounts to $805 per credit hour.


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