Free Lunch Fridays

Free Lunch Fridays, a nonprofit organization, offers free food, speakers and exchanges between entrepreneurs.


Free Lunch Fridays Detroit continued its success March 29 with entrepreneur and speaker Lara Galloway.

The nonprofit organization launched its first meeting in Detroit Jan. 25 in the Atomic Object office at 1407 Randolph St. and has held three more meetings that continue to grow each month. 

FLF’s vision is a global community of startups and entrepreneurs all connected to drive our economies forward and change the world, according to its website,

Galloway, a certified business coach and social media expert, is the founder and creator of, in which she specializes in leading female and mom entrepreneurs to success according to At the meeting, Galloway discussed how important relationships are in networking.

“We want to share what we think is awesome with somebody else that thinks it’s awesome,” Galloway said. “As entrepreneurs we are nothing without the relationships we have.”

The networking opportunities at these meetings are undeniable and begin as soon as you walk in the door. The meetings are followed by free lunch and free beverages, including donated beer from Rochester Mills Beer Co.

“Success is in the power of collaboration,” said Sean D. Foster, creator of

After lunch new members were introduced, and they talk about their businesses or tell what kind of help they need from others.

“I need help marketing,” said Akilah Muhammed, the head chef of a vegan catering company.

Other entrepreneurs were a woman who was is trying to open a burn clinic in Michigan and two women opening a Laundromat geared toward students. FLF team member Xavier Johnson was able to give a plug on the digital media business he started as well.

After introductions, the FLF team invites people to talk about job openings in the area.  Lastly, the speaker has 20 minutes to share his or her insight on becoming a successful entrepreneur.

“I have built an audience that let me build my business,” Galloway said. “I don’t adjust my price. They love me.”

Free Lunch Friday is not only in Michigan, but also has other meetings across the U.S. Its members and supporters believe it will continue to grow and give people the opportunity to create relationships in the community.

On their website, organizers say: “through this collaboration, we will provide the connections, support, education and funding that will feed hungry entrepreneurs for years to come.”

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