Mercury in retrograde is affecting all of us in a negative light and providing a harsh end to a truly terrible year. Mercury will stay in retrograde until January 8, so it’s best to procrastinate any life changing decisions until January 9. Mercury in retrograde is notorious for ruining stepping stones. This is the time to step back and reflect on the happenings of this year, so you can start with more knowledge and wisdom. Here is what you should expect this January:


November 22 - December 21

Sagittarius will start the year off logically and with a level head, only if they take charge of their own actions and disregard influence from others. Trust your gut this month, sag, it’s time to move out of the retrograde funk and embark on a new journey. Don’t be afraid of failure either because with the sun will pass through your house of money, bringing financial support in both professional and nonprofessional ways. Is there an internship being offered to you? Maybe a new position in your student org? Go for it. Those close to you will support your decisions this month and lend you help to achieve your goals. However, don’t get too romantically involved with your supporters. Your want for change will cause your energy to be placed towards practical things that will be more concrete, leaving little attention for your romantic emotions towards your partner(s).


December 22 - January 19

Venus, the ruler of your house of love, will be in conjunction with Mars, making this month extremely exciting emotionally and sexually for you, Capricorn. Don’t be selfish with this love coming your way or else it won’t last long. Treat your partner as you would want to be treated and expect the formation of a strong connection. Unfortunately you may still be struggling with choices in regards to careers or financial situations throughout the month. Maybe you’re questioning your major or juggling school and work is becoming a weight too heavy to carry. Make this loving month for you a time to get to know others, yourself. Take time to do the things you love instead of crunching the outcomes of your school and work responsibilities. Set time aside to learn about who you are this month, so February can help clear up answers that are lost in the fog.


January 20 - February 19

Your drive to make money that has been present this past December is going to switch at the beginning of January, and your energy will be converted into passion and empathy for the people that surround you. But, don’t worry, your brain will never lose sight of your goals (I mean, you’re still one of the most goal-oriented signs to exist) and your career will be extremely successful. Don’t expect success to happen right away, you will realize that what you want is going to take time, and you need to be willing to work for it. With the support from the deeper emotional connections you will make this month, this long stride toward your goal will come with ease. So, if you are looking at a work opportunity that involves going abroad (or just going to a new state), or you’re faced with a new opportunity to switch up your housing situation, now is the time to take these opportunities by storm. It can be scary, but it can turn out to be one of the best things for you right now, especially with all of the support you’ll be surrounded by.


February 19 - March 20

Venus and Mars are in Pisces, meaning you will be a social butterfly this month, making up for lost time and lost connections your homebody mood placed you in this year. Because of your drive to make new connections this month, your career life and social life will be thriving. But, don’t get caught up in the new faces and new money, spend your cash wisely. Mars duals as the ruler of your house of money, so emotionally driven expenses will cause your wealth to leave just as fast as it came. You really want to buy Taco Bell even though you have food at home? A coffee from Starbucks when all you have to do is a brew a pot for yourself? Don’t do it, Pisces, 2017 has better plans for your money if you stop buying on impulse. Don’t let the emotional and passionate tendencies of Mars and Venus dig you into a hole this month, take time to think about your major choices.


March 21 - April 19

Aries, your tendency to be emotionally driven will show in your relationships, but your career goals will be brought out this month by rationale. You will be brought to think more logically about career situations and this will help you take a step towards becoming more self-sufficient. You may realize that you have to work in situations that feel robotic in order to attain tasks that will allow you to express the strong creativity that runs through your veins, Aries. On the relationship spectrum, Venus, planet of love and ruler of your house of couples, is moving into retrograde. Expect some old bones to be dug up and confront them. It’s time for you to truly move on with past relationships and to exam present one’s. Your feelings and the feelings of those around you will take you by surprise, but you need to take initiative to speak your mind and stop being so considerate. This is the time to keep relationships that help you learn and grow and to drop the one’s you have made because of your tendency to engage in small talk. 


April 20 - May 20

The financial strain you have been witnessing will be put to rest during the first month of the year. New opportunities will rise, but don’t be naive about them and don’t be afraid to ask for help this month, Taurus. You have had a stressful year, keeping your usual independent cool, but January will bring too many emotions for you to shake off. It’s time to grow out of your comfort of being alone with Venus and Mars passing through your house of couples. It’s a safe time to open up more and experience emotions in a fuller way than you usually allow yourself to. Is there someone you have been meaning to interact with? Maybe a person in your student org, or that person down the hall who always looks nice to talk to? It’s time to say hi! They’re probably craving human interaction just as much as you and making these new relationships right now at the beginning of the year will flow into stronger bonds later.


May 21 - June 20

Steady and wise Saturn will pass through your house of couples, allowing you to see a lighter and more stable side of your relationships. This will be a relief in each of your relationships considering the Gemini’s tendency to fight with themselves about their true feelings, making pure communication with the people in your life difficult.Venus will cross the highest point of your chart causing interaction between your strong emotions and your visible goals. Pay attention to the sincerity of the things happening around you this month, Gemini, some clarification for relationships as well as your career will shine through. Communication is key, so say what you feel and stop beating around the bush, contrary to one of your popular beliefs, being brutally honest can be beneficial sometimes. If there is someone that has been holding you back and filling your head with their dreams, making you lose sight of your own, you’ll be able to recognize it. It will be a hard loss, but it will be truly beneficial if you let that relationship fade.


June 21 - July 22

Mercury is moving through your house of relationships and your house of work, making it hard to see clearly as to how you should approach this year. The end of 2016 was just as blurry, so do your best to relax and focus on your own emotions over others this month. Lay back on huge social interactions and focus your energy into your career goals instead. Those goals will be changing and in need of some reevaluation. Choosing not to focus your energy on yourself could lead to major issues in your relationships with others and the more connections you make, the more stressful this month will be. Relationships feel like too much, and the thought of deciding on your career path/ what you should major in, can be too much as well. Sit in the library and read books about different studies this semester, Cancer. Don’t be so narrow-minded, there are always other solutions that you’re not taking time to see.


July 22 - August 22

Don’t be surprised if January brings you to analyze your partners, and even yourself in terms of sexuality. The previous Mercury in retrograde brought a lot of reformation you’ll have to sort out this year. Try not to let your love of admiration stop you from exploring yourself and who you truly want to be. Striving to figure out who you are will boost your confidence and waterfall into career and financial success this month, so change up your average approach to things this January, Leo. If you generally try to initiate interactions with people and it’s just not working out, take a seat and let people come to you. If people don’t, take this time to really reflect on your personal life. You can’t fill the void with people forever, Leo. It’s your turn to self invent in ways you never thought of before. You usually play an instrument for expression? Try painting instead. You have many talents with your creative and airy lens that can be uncovered if you don’t stop yourself.


August 23 - September 22

Virgo, be prepared to experience love like no other this month. With a Venus and Mars conjunction in your house of couples and the Sun along with Mercury (your ruling planet) crossing through your house of love, your life this January will orbit around your emotional connections. These connections can be platonic or romantic, so don’t go in expecting that person in your lecture you’ve had your eye on to come and fall in love with you. This new love may be with people you wouldn’t expect and it won’t always be romantic, but it will be a strong love that will continue growing throughout the year. Mercury moving out of retrograde could also induce more creativity in your life this month, so if you were thinking about exploring your creativity in your career or in artistic expression, this is the month to start. Maybe try a new position in your workplace, start keeping a journal, or a sketchpad. Do anything to release this creativity, it will help uncover new perspectives you’ll need to get through 2017.


September 23 - October 22

Sadly, Libra, the effects Mercury in retrograde implemented on your emotional life will not lift soon. You will be presented with confusing choices and your freedom will feel limited in some relationships, thanks to Venus entering your house of subordination. However, professionally, your life is going to take off. You will most likely be presented with multiple tasks to do at once and for a minute it may seem overwhelming, but your stubborn attitude and motivation will allow you to get things done. Just don’t lose sight of the bigger picture after engaging in these tasks, it will only be detrimental. So, if you have to take some extra credits or pick up an internship to graduate on time or to help push you further in school, do it. Convert your nervous energy into perseverance, you will be so glad you did looking back on it later in the year.


October 23 - November 21

Venus and Mars also enter the Scorpion’s house of love and being the most passionate and erotic sign, this launches you into a month of experiencing love wherever it presents itself. There is no need for labels or exclusive partners during this month, Scorpio, you need to be free and willing. January will simply bring new people for you to experience fully, and you should gladly accept each one. This love and passion will translate into your creative expression, so continue working through your new projects you started this past fall. Unfortunately money won’t be in surplus, but you’ll be able to get by and your crave for emotional connection will triumph over anything that can be bought. So, don’t give people the cold shoulder this semester, Scorpio, welcome everyone with open arms. These connections will give you something to reach out for when you’re furthering your career and educational interests. 


Selena is a sophomore studying journalism and anthropology. Her first experience with horoscopes was a common affair, reading the one’s on Facebook everyday at the age of 14. But, her interest manifested itself again by 16 and it was then she decided to try and write horoscopes herself. She studied what each sign and their houses meant in regards to planet position. She thinks horoscopes are to be taken lightly and that they are really fun to pay attention, so writing and reading them has become a passion of hers.

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