I love Wayne State; it is a school like no other. 

There is no better place to get an authentic college experience than WSU

Let’s start by stating facts: there are things expected from college that are only feasible in the mind of a Hollywood script writer. The daily partying experiences, unrealistic hook ups and the absence of school itself are all concepts enhanced on screen. 

News flash: the true college experience is a bit watered down and should include more constructive enrichment.

On the social side of things, you have access to the benefits of living in a major city. Remember, WSU is located in the heart of Detroit. 

There are museums, well-known restaurants and professional sports teams that you wouldn't have access to at other universities. In East Lansing, there isn’t a RiverWalk. In Ann Arbor, you can’t go to the DIA to see one of the world’s best art collections. There just aren't enough activities that go beyond the college campus available at these other schools. 

Many other colleges are located in a place where the campus is the heart of the city. Wayne State is an exception, as it is just a big piece of an even bigger and more beautiful picture. Detroit is a city on the rise and as a Wayne State student you get to be in the middle of it every day. 

Think about it. 

Unless there is a frat party or a major college sporting event, there is nothing worth driving 45 minutes to an hour for at any other college. However, there are plenty of reasons why someone would make a similar trip to Detroit. Sort of reason why the University of Michigan has a bus that brings students to the city for the weekend, right? My roommate’s girlfriend is a U of M student. She’s never in Ann Arbor. 

Professionally, there are more opportunities right in your backyard than at any other university. 

There are a number of major companies investing and operating in the city creating jobs for the college graduate. As Detroit residents, we have the opportunity to gain internship experience with these same companies that could potentially create job opportunities. What other school can say this?

These companies attract people from all over the region, and in some cases, even the country. By operating in the city, companies give you the opportunity to access them while still in school. 

Let's be honest, you’re more than likely to come to Detroit to begin your career. It’s a major city offering jobs to college grads. 

Not to mention rich folk like Dan Gilbert and the Ilitches are emptying their endless pockets into the resurrection of the city. Projects like the M-1 Rail and Cass Corridor arena complex are signs that money is coming back into the city. 

Those with economic power find value in the city, and I don’t know about you, but I want a seat at the table before there isn't any more room.

On the financial side of things, WSU gives out over $65 million in financial aid each year. That is a lot of financial assistance. 

I have friends taking loans to attend these other schools, and for what? Just so they could say they “got away” and that they had a “real” college experience? 

Stop it.

Instead of taking loans to attend a university with opportunity, they take them to attend a school they can brag about graduating from. They’re paying for the weight of a name that isn’t all the way relevant. My dad is a recruiter for Chrysler’s Talent Acquisition team. He tells me all the time that where you go to school doesn’t matter. In some cases, he even says Ivy League schools aren’t an automatic hire.

So why not invest in a school where the opportunities are knocking at its door? Invest in a school that, even with a tuition increase, is one of the cheapest yet prestigious colleges in the state. Invest in a college where you can leave your mark rather than the college marking you. 

Through one year at this university, I've had the opportunity to grow in ways that reach beyond the classroom. Essentially, school is suppose to make you a better student, but Wayne State has made me a better professional. So much so, I can’t believe so many people pass on the opportunity and go to another university.

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