Netflix and chill?

“Netflix and chill”? You know that question isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

What you don’t know is that “Netflix and chill” is the best thing to happen to our collective millennial wallet since the last Pell Grant increase.

How? Think about it for a moment. Netflix is a service that charges a monthly fee. If you pay for it, Netflix starts at just $9 a month for new members and $8 for existing members. That’s not too pricey at all. But the service is also widely shared, so not many people actually pay for it. We all know someone, who knows someone, who pays for it. Thus, we’ve all used someone else’s Netflix password at one time or another. “Chilling” doesn’t add to that cost. Chilling is absolutely free with your purchase of Netflix*.

So how is this economically savvy? Easy. It replaces the classic and costly dinner-and-a-movie or going-out-for-drinks date.

Today’s typical dinner-and-a-movie date can cost anywhere from $25 upwards. Movie tickets on a weekend night are around $10 to $12 and dinner anywhere from $10 a person and up. Go on four dates a month and that’s $100 out of your pocket.

What about cheaper dates? A picnic date in the park can be costly with food, drinks and gas money to get there. You run into the same costs going out for a night. Dinner, the bar tab and clubbing all make hefty dents in your wallet.

Meanwhile, for just $8 a month, “Netflix and chill” is the cheapest date you can find right now. That’s why it’s so popular. It’s not because our generation is lazy or because romance is dead. It’s more likely because our generation is the most economically savvy in decades. These dates that cost so much are the dates of our parents and even grandparents. They reflect the spending habits of the baby boomers, not the spending habits of today. The rise of “Netflix and chill” is just a reflection of our grip on economics.

It makes sense that a generation that has grown in a time of recession would be smart with their money. With student loan debt and other issues looming over our heads, we’re not about to spend hundreds of dollars on date nights each month when there’s an alternative option with a better value.

And so “Netflix and chill” has risen in popularity out of possible date night ideas and, it has staying power. That’s not to say that dinner and a movie is dead, but it’s not sustainable every week. We’re smarter than that.

Of course, we’ll continue to wine and dine our significant others.. There will be movie dates, nights at the bar and even picnic dates. But, for the near future at least, the first option we turn to will always be the easiest. “Netflix and chill”.

*Bae not included.

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