"A Healthy You" is a monthly column by the Campus Health Center.

Between exams, papers, jobs, volunteering and social engagements, it can be hard for college students to find the time to maintain a lifestyle that supports their health and wellness. Often, students don’t even get a chance to slow down until they are hit with an illness, and then are forced to miss school, work and other commitments.

According to the National College Health Assessment, college students report that their academic performance is negatively affected by stress, depression, illness, sleep difficulties and eating problems. Campus Health Center, and other organizations on campus like Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Mort Harris Recreational Facility, recognizes that for students to be successful, they must be supported in achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles.

“We know health is about more than just maintaining a healthy weight,” explained Christie Bellak, the Public Health Program Manager at the Campus Health Center. “It is about eating well, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and mental health. All of these components work together to help you feeling good and performing at your best.”

With the aim of keeping Wayne State students healthy and successful, three campus organizations have teamed up to create a program designed to support students in achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles. This fall, the CHC, CAPS and the Mort Harris Rec Center will be offering a five week, incentive-based student wellness program called The Warrior Way.

“This program will offer students opportunities to earn points through self-assessment, fitness and nutrition assessments, fitness classes, stress management workshops, and much more,” said Bellak. “The more points earned, the greater the chance to win prizes such as gift cards, and the grand prize – a 12-session personal training package at Mort Harris!”

The purpose of The Warrior Way program is to encourage and support our students in living healthy lifestyles so they can reach their goals – academic and otherwise. The program runs from Sept. 28 through Nov. 6. Enrollment is limited to 25 students. Email campusrec@wayne.edu for instructions on how to sign up.

This program will teach students how to be healthy on this campus by offering tutorials at nearby grocery stores, discussing healthy options at campus eateries, and participating in free classes at the Mort Harris Rec Center. Everything you learn in this program can be applied directly to your life as a student at WSU. This is an easy way to maintain a healthy lifestyle; all while entering to win free gift cards and personal training!


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