Being such a multi-cultural and diverse university, it begs the question; Why doesn’t Wayne State’s athletic program provide the “world’s game?” We’re talking about soccer. Or futbol, depending on what part of the world the game is being played in.

Walking through the Undergraduate Library, where students are supposed to be catching up on homework and studying for their next quiz, streams of soccer matches from all over the world fill the computer screens, with small groups of people huddled around a single cubicle. Soccer games from the Bundesliga in Germany, the Barclays Premier League in England and from major tournaments like the Champions League are all some of the most watched sporting events in the world.

If a student wears their favorite kit, or jersey, around campus, they are likely to get a razzing from fellow students who support a different club. How could a Manchester United supporter just let a Chelsea fan walk by without putting a little word in their ear?

It’s all in fun, but the point is that the interest and the demand for soccer is here and the students could spend their energy supporting a club they can all get behind as one, the Wayne State Warriors Soccer Club.

With the diversity of the university, the Warriors Soccer Club could have a large and loyal following.

Tiffin, Northwood, Saginaw Valley, Lake Erie, Walsh, Ohio Dominican, Findlay and Malone comprise the Men’s soccer teams that compete in the GLIAC. The Women have more teams competing, playing all the same teams as the men’s but adding Grand Valley St., Michigan Tech, Ashland, Ferris St. and Northern Mich. to the schedules.

These teams are all familiar because these are the teams our basketball, football, swimming and other athletic teams face in the GLIAC on a yearly basis.

With a couple of soccer nets with some wheels on the bottom for quick and easy movement on and off the field, Adams field, which is primarily used for football, could be transformed into a 6,000 seat soccer field.

So, Warriors, are there enough futbol fanatics out there to create a following? Are there enough students on campus that would be loyal to the club? WSU should seriously consider implementing a soccer program to compete in the GLIAC.


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