Saturn, Venus and Mercury will be in retrograde this month, bringing different emotions to the table. Saturn will give us what we deserve, depending on our past actions because it evokes karma – if you believe in that sort of thing. Venus is the planet of love, so April can bring passion to any aspect of our lives. For the most part, we all know that Mercury in retrograde sucks, so here’s to April being nothing less than intense.


November 22 - December 21

Be prepared to be all over the place this month in your emotional and physical world. Don’t get upset over the little everyday slip ups, like drying your favorite sweater into something that can fit a small dog, or losing your house keys. You have to roll with these slip ups and improvise. This month will give your improvising tactics a creative edge that will lead you to unexpected situations. Maybe walking to find your house keys will allow you bump into a future employer, a new friend or the love of your life. If you maintain a positive attitude, Saturn will reimburse you greatly, but just know that you will be faced with a whirlwind of obstacles this month. If you keep your head up, your creative brain will prosper and that will open many new doors in all aspects of your life.


December 22 - January 19

Take a month the reflect on your peace of mind. If you have it, focus on the actions you participate in to achieve it, and if you don’t have it, it’s time to sit down and figure out how to get it. April will light up creativity in your brain, so maybe find your peace through creating something new. This could range from cooking a new meal to trying a new art form. Once you do this, your creativity will be complimented by a new air of confidence and this will allow you to thrive in your career and academic life. Don’t be afraid to share your new ideas with your peers; it could potentially earn you a new position, or a new respect. But, stay humble. No one wants to respect someone who’s become so confident they’re full of themselves.


January 20 - February 19

April is the time to practice your willpower, and if you don’t, there will be consequences. You shouldn’t spend your money on materialistic pleasures this month. Keep your financial habits practical, so avoid hitting Panda Express more than once this week, and pass on those colorful pens that cost more than they should. Focus on the bigger picture this month and think about what you’re currently doing. Are you really working towards bettering yourself? Or are you working to satisfy others? Your strong trait of detaching your personal emotions from your relationships will only bury you deeper into a place you don’t want to be this month. Be good to yourself and think logically, that Saturn in retrograde will reward you for it later.


February 19 - March 20

This month will bring new employment and academic opportunities and you should expect major changes in those aspects of your life. Your usual emotionally driven life will take a backseat and your thoughts will be more logical and clear. If you choose to voice these new thinking patterns to someone in your life, your relationship can thrive. Don’t stay in your comfort zone this month on any scale. Stop eating the same old Jimmy John’s sandwich every day. Try a new one, or a new restaurant if you can, financially. If not, change up your scenery. Take some homework to Great Lakes Coffee instead of the UGL. These simple changes will help to deal with the major ones that could potentially happen this month.


March 21 - April 19

This month will be full of reconsideration and unexpected outcomes for your actions, Aries. Your strong will that you started the year off with will go through a transformation. If you finally thought you decided on a good major using a logical head, everything could change. Don’t be afraid of this surprise, stick with your ability to go with the flow and roll with these thoughts. It’s time to listen to your heart again, and April will push these agitated energies into a creative kick. Start a new creative project, but don’t have an end result in mind. All of the intense energy April will bring will throw off anything you planned to have set in stone. Your relationships will reflect your reaction to these surprises, so if you handle it well things will run smoothly and vice versa.


April 20 - May 20

It seems that this April, you will focus on self-image more than usual. Buy a new outfit, start a workout routine or start putting your eating habits in check. These changes will make you a more confident and energetic person, which will light up the communication in your life. If you network this month, many opportunities will be thrown your way, but try to postpone choosing one path until Mercury is out of retrograde. This spark in communication can also cause problems between your relationships if you’re not careful. It’s not the time to whip out your horns, Taurus, or else you can put an end to something that didn’t need one. Stay level-headed and focus on yourself and how you deal with issues rather than focusing on the people who are creating them.


May 21 - June 20

This month, you will be questioning yourself more than being confident in your beliefs, your goals and your motivations, which can be scary for a confident, headstrong Gemini. Don’t fight these curious thoughts, follow them. You’re the kind of person who loves to spread knowledge, who loves to preach what they know, but it’s time to step back and indulge in learning some new things again. It will feel strange at first, but it will be beneficial in many aspects of your life. Sign up for an elective that you know nothing about, listen to a new genre of music and lose yourself in it. Your relationships will prosper because your peers will appreciate the new ideas and opinions you’ll gain, adding some communication in your life. They will also support you on this journey of growing, which will help your two sides find harmony.


June 21 - July 22

April will have you transitioning between feeling okay on your own and feeling like you need a pal to help you get through things. Act on these feelings. Stay home one day if you need to, sit right down with your favorite snack and some movies. But, if you realize you’re getting down, call up a friend with a shoulder to cry on. It’s important for you to find a healthy and balanced way of dealing with your strong emotional patterns. It will help you gain clarity bringing success in your academic and career life, which will then create confidence that can be seen in your relationships. Evaluate what makes you comfortable and see if it parallels with what’s healthy for you, so you can fully move out of that winter funk.


July 22 - August 22

Patience is a virtue, and you need to practice having it. April will make you wait for what you truly want in most aspects of your life like your career and love life. If you rush into the new and exciting things being offered in front of you this month, everything will come crumbling down, so just sit back and relax. Wait patiently for those test scores, or for a call back from a job. Don’t seek love, wait for it to stumble upon you. If you remain calm with your main goals in mind, April’s slow moving nature will give you an opportunity to invest in your creative mind, so you can gain new perspectives about the world and move forward with a clear head.  


August 23 - September 22

Mercury in retrograde will affect you in a positive way this month, Virgo, and all of the signs are jealous. Your reflection and new ideas will bring you to fresh starts, or even help solidify the path you’re currently taking. This only comes if you stay patient and understanding to those around you. Your sincere nature should make this an easy task, but stress is piling up, and for some reason, people have loved pushing your buttons lately. Take a deep breath and don’t let petty problems occupy space in your brain. Focus on what you want this month in every aspect. April is a good month for you to set your goals and find successful ways to achieve them. Want to buy a house next year? Make a plan. Want to declare your major? Do it. Want to start new relationships? Talk to new faces. April will give you the fresh attitude you need to make your dreams achievable.


September 23 - October 22

April is going to beg you to slow down in your professional developments, Libra, you’ve been working yourself to death lately. Are you happy when you work hard? Or do you feel like you need to take a quick time out? You need to reevaluate what can make you happy and pay attention to it. Yes, there is work to be done, but your self-care should be your highest priority and you’ve been neglecting it for quite some time. Change your work-heavy routine to stop and smell the roses, so you can be a better you. Maybe sign up for one summer class, so you can take less credits in the fall. Stop procrastinating and start putting time management into practice, so you’re not overwhelmed. You have to make you happy in order to find success.


October 23 - November 21

April will be a slow month for your professional life in regards to academics and careers. It can even get a little stressful and messy. Your passion for things can close some doors for other opportunities you may enjoy, so try to keep an open mind when presented with internships, travel opportunities and employment. Your emotional life, however, will be taking advantage of that Venus in retrograde this month. Since you are already one of the most intuitive and romantic signs, your relationships will grow in ways you could never imagine. You will find new beauty as well as grow more appreciation for old beauty. Love will flourish whether it be with your partner, a family member or your friends. You’ll learn more about yourself in these loving endeavors, which can help clear your full plate you have now in the future.

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