The small doses of sun March has in store will help guide us out of our winter-brain-funk, and each of the signs will experience personal renovations and renewal. 




November 22 - December 21

Don’t fall into a life of routine this month. The hints of sun and vitamin D will promote the need for renovation and new approaches to your life now. This is a great month to pursue a career you would love, instead of a career that’s just bringing in the cash. It’s a good time to practice different study habits and these new strategies will lead you to great success. Your brain has been lost in a funk as of late, so even changing up your environment and appearance will gratify you with fresh happiness. Paint your room a new color, hang up some new posters, get some cute plants for your windowsill or change up what you wear. These changes will be reflected in your artistic and adventurous qualities as well, and you should use this energy to explore new abilities and places you have never been before.



December 22 - January 19

March will give you many opportunities in your career and school life, but only if you release your high expectations you have for situations you place yourself in. You need to practice letting go a little more this month because your anal tendencies are causing you to miss what life is trying to offer you. If you give into some spontaneity, you will make great connections for your career and school life. Your personal relationships will thrive from this attitude, too. Your creativity will grow and your goals will become clearer after you view them with fluidity. Don’t overreact this semester if you get a bad grade; March is trying to teach you that rolling with the punches will help you out in the future.


January 20 - February 19

March is going to bring passionate and sensual energy into your life, making your intuition strong, which isn’t unusual for the self-trusting and confident Aquarius. The passion and sensuality will, however, make you more concerned with how you can help the people in your life better themselves. Evaluate where you put your help this month and make sure you’re not neglecting your own self-care because this can lead to exhaustion that doesn’t need to exist. Don’t wear yourself thin. Your career may also cause stress this month, so take time to indulge in things you love to do. Treat yourself to a meal at your favorite restaurant, express yourself in your favorite way, sign up for some fun classes next semester and good things will come your way with this new relaxed energy.


February 19 - March 20

Uranus is and will be in your sign for the next seven years, which will pull out your creative side, especially if you have been neglecting it. This is going to influence a lot of things in your life and give you a fresh new perspective if you allow it to. Your social patterns that increased in February will still be strong, making this a month for networking. It’s time to fill out the internship applications and get close with your professors that have experience in your desired field of work. This networking edge, plus your re-birth of creativity, will make you stand apart from your peers and allow you to bring something different to the table, gifting you with success. Your creativity will also allow you to express your feelings and complaints in a healthier way, giving you clarity. This clarity will allow you to strengthen your existing relationships, and will give single Pisces a layer of confidence that could lead to fun romance.


March 21 - April 19

Your streak of placing your emotionally driven choices on the back-burner this year will continue, Aries. March is the month for you to explore different modes of organization and find clear pathways to reach your goals in your career and financial life. If you’ve been having a hard time in school because of the winter-semester blues, March is the time for you to try new ways to better yourself! Find a good playlist of music that makes you focus when you have to get your work done, start a small workout routine to get your endorphins pumping, color code your notes and plan out future projects. These things may seem overwhelming with your usual go-with-the-flow attitude, but March will give you the energy you need, so you can focus now for a big pay off later in your favorite projects, your job and your overall living situation. Love will have to wait for now, which is hard for someone with a heart like yours, but the start of 2017 is teaching you to stand on your own, so you can thrive in relationships later.


April 20 - May 20

Long term projects and goals will be presented to you this month, and March will embrace the practical and common side of your personality that will be needed to complete these new tasks. Hone in on your logical tendencies, Taurus. The past few months have been emotionally driven and it’s time to re-focus yourself for a better end result. Now that you’ve indulged in that emotion, it’s hard to go back to your logical ways, but you need to direct your attention to your career and school life right now. It will allow you to finish the year out strong and this will reward you with time left to indulge in your emotional pleasures again later. Embracing the logical energy March will bring you will also clarify any questions you had in your love life, whether that be closure of something that ended, or confidence and courage to start something new.


May 21 - June 20

A lot of new decisions, opportunities and people will reveal themselves you to as the month goes on and this can seem overwhelming. But, there is no need to worry, Gemini, the twin identity you carry will allow you to adapt well in all of these situations you will find yourself in. Don’t be dismissive with these new interactions because you could use them to your advantage in the future. Maybe someone will approach you with an internship opportunity that you can’t fit into your schedule at this moment, but could benefit you next year. Keep an open mind and keep networking. Since March is really going to bring out your knack for communication, share your ideas for new projects or goals you have in your career and school life, it will allow you to gain attention and provide you with credibility.


June 21 - July 22

Leave your comfort zone frequently this month, Cancer. It will help you deal with any rough emotions you’ve recently had to deal with. Your tendency to be introspective and emotional will not benefit you this month, and it’s time to make strides towards being a more dependent person on those you love around you. It’s easy for you to shove people out of your life, which is a good trait when those people aren’t helping you grow. Being independent is wonderful, but it’s healthy and necessary to confide in people sometimes. Talk to who you love, platonically or romantically, or even talk to someone new and let them really get to know you. This will allow you to make stronger connections that will lead you to success in your career and school life.


July 22 - August 22

March will give you the opportunity to be more flexible than usual and you should embrace it. Your known trait to be strong-willed will take a break this month. You will also crave new knowledge and different learning opportunities. These aspects combined will allow you to walk across new terrain and gift you with a more open mind and outlook on things. If you’re questioning your major, your living situation or your career, March is a great month to explore different options. Your pathways won’t be so clear, but your adopted malleability will make your journey a fun experience of the unknown instead of a scary and annoying trip.


August 23 - September 22

You have been giving too much of yourself to others lately and March is a month to take back what you deserve and indulge in a little selfish behavior. You have also been diving into things too fast with little consideration of their consequences. These two things have kept you so wrapped up and involved in the lives of others that your goals seem distant. Take a step back, slow down and reflect on yourself this month. Tell people how you really feel and indulge in things that make you happy. These actions will compliment the transformative energy March is bringing for you and, after some self-love and care, your goals will be clear again and your relationships will run smoother.


September 23 - October 22

March will command you to pay attention to what your heart is saying. This month, consider doing what you love and trust yourself in ways you haven’t before. Don’t allow yourself to go through the motions. Start a new project you love to occupy your free time. Even if you don’t think you can accomplish something, embrace it, this month is for trying new things. Paint if you love to paint, embroider if you love to embroider, apply for a job related to your passion. This month will take you on a love-filled experience that will radiate warmth and understanding, making you easily approachable. Your relationships, platonically and romantically, will benefit from this.


October 23 - November 21

March will present opportunities for you to listen to others and you should listen carefully. Your knack for communication and love of your own voice can sometimes make it seem like you just want to share your experience rather than empathize with theirs, but your honest and loyal traits still make you the person people want to confide in. If you take a second to listen more, your relationships will grow stronger and creativity will stem from the different perspectives you will encounter through these people. You will also find mental clarity and stronger intuition as a result, so keep your ears and mind wide open this month, it will be beneficial to you in multiple aspects of your life. 

Selena is a sophomore studying journalism and anthropology. Her first experience with horoscopes was a common affair, reading the one’s on Facebook everyday at the age of 14. But, her interest manifested itself again by 16 and it was then she decided to try and write horoscopes herself. She studied what each sign and their houses meant in regards to planet position. She thinks horoscopes are to be taken lightly and that they are really fun to pay attention, so writing and reading them has become a passion of hers.

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