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Letters to the Editor

The South End welcomes letters to the editor regarding all inquiries and concerns from the Wayne State community. Please limit letters to 500 words. All submissions are subject to editing and may be published in print or online. Please submit letters using our online form.

Legal Notice

The South End reserves the right to edit all submissions prior to publication, as well as the right to not publish certain submissions. Authors will be contacted regarding major changes. Additionally, submitting a letter to the editor or guest column grants The South End a license to publish the submission in perpetuity.

Online archives are part of the newspaper and a historical record of the community of the university. The South End does not remove content from its online archives, which includes stories, photos, columns, editorials and letters to the editor.

Updates or corrections may be added to online content if the material is factually inaccurate or otherwise flawed. If such an error in archived content is brought to the Editor-in-Chief’s attention and documented to his/her satisfaction, The South End will add an editor’s note to the original acknowledging an update or correction. This is fully at the discretion of The South End.

To make a complaint that the archived material is incorrect, contact the Editor-in-Chief with your name and email address, the title and URL of the content, an explanation of why the material should be altered, and proof of inaccuracy or why the content should be altered.


The South End corrects all factual errors published either online or in print. Please email thesouthend.wsu@gmail.com.

Online Policy

The South End is a daily online publication. While we support the right to free speech and expression, and pride ourselves on being an open forum for students, comments deemed offensive are subject to editing or removal.  Please be considerate of the diverse campus community and respect its wide-ranging opinions when contributing to the online forum.


The South End is published daily online throughout the year by Wayne State students. You can find all content at thesouthend.wayne.edu. The South End can be found in print at lease once a semester. The South End print editons are special editions and copies are available free of charge at various locations throughout campus. The Student Newspaper Publication Board, established by the Wayne State Board of Governors, acts as the publisher of The South End. The board establishes and insures compliance with publication, editorial and news reporting guidelines. All complaints, comments and suggestions concerning the student newspaper should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief or the board, which meets at least monthly at the journalism conference room in Alex Manoogian Hall.

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