Summer 2017 New Student Survival Guide print edition

Trying to stay in shape while juggling classes, jobs and internships? There’s an easier way. Sign up for a Life Fitness Activities course for the fall semester and get class credit for doing something good for you.

These classes are a good way to blow off steam in between the heavy workloads of your other courses and learn a new fitness skill or two in the process. Don’t worry if you’ve been hitting the Starbucks bakery section too hard, either, since LFA teachers are happy to work with all skill and fitness levels.

Keep in mind, while these classes are probably the easiest three credit courses based on the material, they are also the hardest based on effort and consistent workload.

Depending on the course you add to your schedule, some offer up to three excused absences and most offer none. Each class missed must be made up with another other LFA class. If you have a habit of skipping class, or you’re too lazy to walk to Matthaei, we recommend just taking philosophy.

Personal Fitness Sampler

Course Number: 1030

If you want to try out kickboxing, step and

weight training, look no further than the personal fitness sampler course. Textbooks are not required.


Course Number: 1100

You don’t have to be an excellent swimmer

to take this course. Over the semester, you’ll learn how to perform the front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke and sidestroke. You’ll learn basic water survival and rescue skills, too.

Cardio Kickboxing

Course Number: 1220

This course aims to improve the muscular strength, endurance, power, balance and coordination of students taking the class. Learn some cool kickboxing moves, too, while you’re at it.

Step and Tone

Course Number: 1240

Step and tone uses an elevated step to take your workouts to the next level. The last leg of the class features exercises using weights and yoga mats to supplement cardio with toning.


Course Number: 1480

While no text is required, you’ll need a yoga

mat, strap, block, a firm blanket and notebook

for recording different moves. You’ll learn more about the practice of yoga throughout the semester, including historical and philosophical contexts.


Course Number: 1850

This course is designed for beginner soccer players to learn new skills and gain cardiovascular endurance. Enjoy a break from your other classes with a course focused on the team sport.


Course Number: 1250

If you love a high intensity workout set to music, Zumba is the exercise class for you. The class teaches you how to do basic dance steps and a warm up, and the instructor will also take time to teach the basic muscle groups and their functions.

If you are having a hard time finding these

LFA classes on Academica while registering for classes, that’s because you’re probably looking in the wrong section. All of these are classified under “Education.” 

This story was featured in the summer 2017 New Student Survival Guide print edition.

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