"It felt good; obviously it’s the way you want to go out,"

The Warriors football team traveled to Caledonia, Michigan on Nov. 11 to take on GLIAC newcomer Davenport University. 

Wayne State finished the season with a strong overtime win against Davenport, 34-27. This is the first overtime win for the Warriors since 2011 when soon-to-be Hall of Famer Josh Renel, rushed into the endzone in Hillsdale.

The first Warrior drive of the game resulted in a 1-yard touchdown run by Romello Brown. The Panthers responded with a strong drive of their own, ending in a touchdown. Brady Beedon blocked the point after keeping WSU on top 7-6.

A Panther third and goal from the one-yard line had the Warrior defense on their toes. A forced fumble by Derrick Coleman had senior Ronny Brant II recovering the ball.

With a 10-6 lead going into the second half, WSU drove down early in the third quarter to notch another field goal. DU responded with a touchdown to tie the game heading into the fourth quarter.

The Warriors and Panthers traded touchdowns in the fourth, with Demetrius Stinson finding the endzone after junior cornerback Devyn Manson intercepted a Davenport pass at the WSU 46-yard line.

A late DU drive ending in a 12-yard pass from Haiden Majewski to Colin Smith forced the game to go into overtime. For Davenport, this was their third overtime situation this season.

WSU senior Romello Brown notched his third touchdown of the game on a 4-yard run. The Panthers rushed for seven yards on first down and gained another two yards on second down, but a tackle for loss by Dustin Carlin and blocked pass by Anthony Pittman put the game away.

For senior Romello Brown, he doubled his total touchdowns this season and ended his collegiate career on a high note.

"It felt good; obviously it’s the way you want to go out," Brown said. "It was a good way to finish my career at Wayne."

He credits the team for his success and looks forward to the next steps in his journey, which include training for the NFL Combine.

"It would be easy for me to take the credit, but it was a team effort," said Brown. "I credit the offensive line first and foremost, and the guys who blocked on the perimeter."

Head Coach Paul Winters has his eye on 2018, as he looks to build on this win and go into next season with a stronger unit.

"Everybody has a better attitude and seeing their hard work pay off makes it easier to move forward," Winters said. "We have a very young group and a number of guys coming back next year … I think the overall depth is there.”

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