"Competing on the swim team at WSU had a transformative impact on my development as a person and helped instill the level of confidence necessary to start my company,”

Swimmers: keep your Apple Watches on. MySwimPro, named 2016’s Apple Watch App of the Year, which can track performance unlike any other form, was created for swimmers by a Warrior.

The app was created by Fares Ksebati, a Wayne State alumnus and the co-founder and CEO of MySwimPro.

According to the app’s website, MySwimPro delivers personalized swimming workouts tailored to the individual athlete. Swimmers can choose from hundreds of pre-made routines in the app’s library, set goals, follow their live data and share that data with friends.

Ksebati credits the creation of the app with his involvement on the WSU swim team.

"Competing on the swim team at WSU had a transformative impact on my development as a person and helped instill the level of confidence necessary to start my company,” Ksebati said.

Freshman engineering major Shahriar Alam, who swims recreationally, said he uses the app to track his swimming progress.

“I like how it lets you decide how proficient you are in swimming, and the progress tracking is awesome to see where you stand and where you need to improve,” said Alam.

MySwimPro has a newsfeed for users to keep up with swimming-related news and health articles. Ksebati said this feature serves as a coaching mechanism for those who don’t have access to a trainer.  

“As a lifelong swimmer, I've been very fortunate to have received guidance from many great coaches,” Ksebati said. “When I started coaching adult fitness swimming, I realized that most people don't have access to the coaching they needed to achieve their goals, and the app was borne from this gap in the market.”

MySwimPro includes professional training advice and instruction for all swimmers, from novice to advanced.

Co-founder Adam Oxner said starting the app was difficult because the idea was going against the status quo of the workout technology platform.

“There are often skeptics when you say you’re starting a company, especially an app/technology company, but sticking with it was key,” Oxner said. “We got support from a few accelerators in the area, like TechStars’ StartupNext [program] and the University of Michigan’s Desai program, which has been fantastic. It’s great being a part of a thriving and engaged group of entrepreneurs in the area.”

On both iOS and Android, MySwimPro is currently one of only four apps of its kind. The process for creating it, Oxner said, was centered around customer feedback.

“The first thing we had to do was to make sure we were creating something that people wanted,” Oxner said. “That’s how we develop most of our features now - with a tight feedback loop. Our third co-founder, Michael Allon, built out the website, iPhone and Android apps, and here we are today.”

Ksebati said the receiving the Best Watch App of the Year was “incredibly humbling to receive.”

“In 2017 and beyond, we're focused on scaling the platform to new swimming communities around the world while we continue to personalize our experience to help more swimmers reach their goals,” Ksebati said.

MySwimPro comes in two versions, free and premium. Some of the more advanced workouts, such as butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke, are only available for premium members. 

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I have been swimming regularly it's really a great exercise. I will make sure to use the MySwimPro app. I tried to find it in iTunes, AppValley, Tutuapp as well as on TweakBox app store but couldn't find it. Has the developer withdrawn the app?

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